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Review + Giveaway: Go Wild with The Wild Things!

Hey guys, how have you all been doing? I hope the water rationing has not dampened your moods one bit, considering that it's been a while now that it's been going on, and rumour has it that the water shortage might very well happen all the way to September! *gasp* But let's not worry about that today, for today I am here to raise your moods! Stay on til the end of the post and I have something exciting for you guys!

Source: my insta :)

If you've been following me on Insta, you would have seen that I absolutely love charm bracelets. My most prized possession is my Thomas Sabo charm bracelet that le bb got for me last Christmas, and I have been using it on off ever since :)

Now, most of you have most probably heard of Pandora Charm Bracelets as well (if you haven't, it's time for you to come out from under that rock you've been living under), and they're also a very exclusive brand that offers charm bracelets, albeit of a different nature. Their price range is also around the price range as TS bracelets, so you can say that they're pretty high end. Truth be told, I am quite unwilling to part with my money to buy Pandora Charms, so I have been searching high and low for online stores (or at flea markets) for Pandora Inspired Charm Bracelets.

And, that was how I found The.Wild.Things :D TWT was launched in March 2013 bringing different chapters in life, all speaking of fun and having a trendy assortment of accessories. One of their specialties is the Handmade By The.Wild.Things, whereby they custom make accessories specially for you, and one of them is, incidentally, the Pandora Inspired bracelets!!!!! *love love it* If you love accessories and want to have the option to customise it, this is definitely the thing for you!

A collection of some of the charm bracelets they have sold

They sell really good quality Pandora Inspired Charm Bracelets, and their charms are really quite affordable too. I've found charms for sale at flea markets for RM10-18 apiece, but TWT only sells them for RM4!

Because they were having a promotion that time, I actually got another free gift from them, which was a butterfly charm!

When I opened up the case, I fell in love with my charms immediately. They were all very good quality charms, and you could see that they were different from the other types of Pandora Inspired charms that you can see out there in flea markets or pasar malams. The charms had a solid weight to it, and you can see that they are higher end than most charms from other sellers out there.


As I loved her charms, I took quite a few, like the snowflake, music note, and the cat. I also took the bow as well, and as you can see from the bottom pic, the free butterfly charm that she gave me. The charm bracelet I have is interspersed with different coloured spacers and diamond beads, so it gave a colourful and versatile look to my bracelet.

One of the great things that TWT does is that they give you the option of customising the charms, spacers, beads, and dangles that you want, so the end product is something that you know you will love! For me, I had a mixture of blue, red, pink, and purple, four of my favourite colours. I use this almost as often as I use my TS bracelet, and I always feel good using it.

Apart from creating customised bracelets, they also create themed Charm bracelets, one of which is the Frozen theme:

Isn't it nice? too bad I missed out on this :( would really love to have it

They have a lot more different charms where that came from, just browse here: *click*

But that's not all. If you were to scroll through their FB page, you would see another section under Chapters. Just like a book, every chapter tells a different story. Discover chapters of style from classic vintage, ethnic, bohemian, punk rocker, elegant to sophisticated.

Chapter 1: Aztec

These chapters come in batches every six months, and they offer trendy fashion jewelry and accessories, such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, and hair accessories. 

Chapter 2: Enchanted

Their products are carefully handpicked from suppliers around Asia, and also designer handcrafted ones that adds specialty to their one of a kind collection.

Chapter 2: Grave Creepers


Because The Wild Things love you guys as much as I do, you can get a 10% discount when you order pandora inspired charms/ bracelets from them! All you have to do is quote my blog name, CIRCLE OF LIFE when you message them, and they will automatically give you 10% off on your final order :)

If you want to know more, or to place your order, email [email protected] and they will definitely reply you back :)


This is all because all of you awesome readers have all shown me so much love and support!!! Thanks to you guys, I have hit the 16k mark for my pageviews last month, and this is definitely a cause for celebration :D

So to commemorate it, what shall I do? Yup, you guessed it! I will be giving away one pandora inspired charm bracelet with 10 charms (of your choice!!!!!) to one lucky and adorable winner!

All you have to do is complete these simple steps!

Mandatory entries are as below:
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The giveaway will run for two weeks and will end on 4 May 2014 Sunday night, 11:59pm, and is only open to those residing in Malaysia. I will use to select my winner, so the more entries you have, the higher your chances of winning!!! BUT If you are the winner and do not respond to my email within 48 hours, a new winner will be selected.

Do you want to own a lovely bracelet like this?  Then try your hand at this giveaway, who knows, you might be the lucky one! :)

Happy joining guys! and may the odds be ever in your favour :D

Til the next time, stay beautiful!



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so pretty accessories, I hope to win

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Whoaaa!!! Its soooo pretty!!! I like the snowflake, clover and the music note… And the seashell… The star and heart… OMG! I love them all. Hahaha!

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Wonderful! So pretty. Love the snowflake

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Sooo pretty . I really hope I can win ..

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Don't have any charm bracelet at the moment yet. Wish I can win 1 home hahaha
Love that they have different chapters! Very unique! <3

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Choulyin said...

thanks dear!

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Choulyin said...

thanks for joining dear! hope you can win this :D

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OMG! Totally find no reason for resist this bracelet! Hope that I got chance to win it back! I like all charms especially snowflake! <3

Thank for your giveaway, pretty ;)