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Review: Beauty Talk Oxysolution Mousse

Facial cleansers are a delicate affair as you use them every morning after you wake up, and every night before you go to bed. A good cleanser is one that will remove all your impurities and residue make up leftover that your regular make up remover doesn't manage to clean off. Oftentimes, using a make up remover and cleanser is one more extra step that can be tedious and tiresome, especially after you have had a whole day of work and can't wait to jump into bed to cap off the day.

So I came across Beauty Talk's Oxysolution Mousse thanks to HiShop, and at first glance I was a little confused as to what this little bottle of bubbles can do for us, as there were no English instructions on the box, just Japanese characters. But luckily there was an instruction sheet in the box, and I realised that this Oxysolution Mousse is actually a facial cleanser and make up remover all in one!

Beauty Talk's total new formulation Oxysolution Mousse with the exclusive formulation of OxyPercalin® will help to gently remove the dead skin and rebuild the healthy skin with oxygen. The special formula is gentle as water and hypo-allergenic too.

One easy press creates a foamy mousse works as a thorough cleanser and non-waterproof make up remover. Designed especially for sensitive skin types, the innovative feature of this product is its mousse-like texture, and you can also use it as a toner.

One easy press of the pump creates a foamy lather. Liposome conduction technology employs tiny molecules to thoroughly clean dermal impurities and makeup. Rich oxygenating essences and moisturising factors penetrate deep within your skin to activate dermal cells from the inside out. surprisingly delicate and clean, your skin will feel supple and moisturised.

Ingredient list

OxyPearcalin® Exclusive Beauty Talk Oxygen Formulation : Replenish Oxygen deep into skin to promote skin renewal.

Sorbitol : Gentle cleansing agent which performs cleansing effect without injuring the skin, and improves the absorption of vitamins and other nutrients.

Trehalose : To protects keratin (protein found in the skin) to prevent moisture loss and hydrates skin.

Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber Extract) : To provides softening, refreshing, toning & moisturizing. It soother wrinkles and refine pores size.

Aloe Barbadensis Extract : It contain antioxidant and healing properties, protect skin against harmful UV rays. It also softens, moisturizes and hydrates skin.

Jojoba Seed Oil (Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil) : Acts as a moisturiser and emollient agent to improve the skin elasticity and suppleness, containing natural tocopherols to minimize oxidation.

The amount of product that comes out after two pumps. Might look very little, but it's enough to get the job done :)

So what do I think of this product after using it?

Personally for me, I used two pumps. It's quite watery, so much so that when I applied it on my face, it turns to water and doesn't stay as a foam, so I had it running down my hands when I was cleansing my face.

However, it has pretty good cleansing properties. After using it once, my make up has been fully removed. I don't even need to use it a second time. But of course, this is for light make up. I used it twice to remove heavy make up. Also, please bear in mind that this product does not remove waterproof make up, so if you are using waterproof make up, don't expect this to miraculously cleanse your face of makeup.

The foam itself is white in colour, without any strong fragrance. It doesn't leave my skin very dry, and I like that it has moisturising properties. My skin feels softer and more radiant after I used the product, and it actually looks healthier :)


Verdict: 7.5/10. I gave it a 7.5 cos it doesn't remove waterproof make up. But for removing all other traces, it works perfectly fine. You can also use this as a double cleanser after you have removed your heavy make up, if you want to moisturise your face further.

Repurchase: Yes

Last Comments: In terms of size of the product, it's a little smaller than the Yadah Gentle Foaming Cleanser, but I think this might not last me as long, considering that the water to bubble ratio is quite high. For me, I feel that one pump is not enough, and I have to pump twice. But it gets the job done, so no complaints from me there :)

This little baby retails for RM105.00 on HiShop, but you can get it for 10% off now at only RM94.50 :)

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