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Terminus Bags Opens its Doors in One Utama with Functional and Creative Bags

Even when I was young, I have always been a hoarder of bags. I will have different bags for different functions, and I would keep changing bags because every which one bag would not suit what I would want to bring it out for.

Now, when I'm older, I still have many bags, but ultimately I will still go back to a bag that would suit all my needs. Hence, I only alternate between my casual bag (which I use on the weekends), and my work bag which is my faithful companion from Monday to Friday.

The problem I have with my casual bag, is that it's a tad small for me. Being a girl, I like to have all my stuff handy whenever I need them. After all, you never know when you will need a tissue, or your power bank, or some hand cream, or facial blotters, or to touch up your makeup, or to apply lipgloss, or a book to read when you're bored....well, you get the picture :p
So when I heard that Terminus bags is opening, I jumped at the chance to see if there will be any bag that will catch my eye to replace my overused (but too small) casual bag.

Terminus likes to think of themselves as the world's local brand. Yes, they are a locally made brand that is based in Puchong :) They began their humble business by producing over 60 million bags for over 4,000 satisfied clients be it locally or internationally. They have been here for about 20 years, so you can expect how much care they take into making the perfect bag for the perfect individual.

The Terminus X Series Sports Bag, super trendy and functional when you go for sports or travelling.

They pride themselves on catering to the 5F's, which are; Functionality, Form, Fashion, Fun, and Feel. Each bag will have a definite Functionality, is uniquely Formed to fit the individual, is Fashionable to fit the different attitudes, is Fun for all ages, and Feels different with the use of different materials. They believe that this gives you the Terminus difference as they focus their designs based on what their clients really needs. As a result, when their customers enter the shop, they will almost always find a bag that will suit their needs. Whatever you need the bag for, you will almost certainly find it at Terminus bags.

The Comfort Tote,  with multiple compartments for the casual lady on the go

We were very fortunate that day to have Liew Bin, Founder and CEO of Terminus with us, and he brought us through a few of the bestseller bags in their shop.

First up is their New Invisible Urban Roller. It is a patented wheeled backpack that is the perfect carry-on size. It can be rolled or carried as a backpack, and one of its cool features is that the rollers can be hidden when not in use!

 It has an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to carry on your back, making traveling easy. This is highly recommended for free and easy travellers. If you're going on a three-four day trip overseas, this is a bag that you might want to consider getting as it is large enough for a few sets of change of clothes, and has many compartments for you to fit your laptop or tablet if you wish.

You can store all your personal items in the bag in specific compartments. They have  a compartment for accessories, gadgets, pens, laptop, tablet, garments, toiletries, you name it. :)

 Now this here is a travelling bag for the men. Aptly dubbed the New Transformer Bag, you will see why in a minute. Undeniably it's a cabin size bag that businessmen can use on their outstation trips. It has rollers for ease of transportation, and also hand carriers in case rollers are not conducive to be used.

There are two parts to the bag, the front part of which you put in all your important documents like your passport, plane ticket, tablet, laptop, notepad, name cards, everything you need when you're on a business trip.

The second part is where you keep all your clothes. The New Transformer also comes with additional mini bags that are for your toiletries, medical items (if it was me that would be my make up bag), and another bag specifically for dirty or clean clothes! Talk about thinking of everything!

If you think it looks big with all those compartments and space, you're wrong. See how it's compact enough for anyone? If you're a light traveller, this is one great bag not to be missed!

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But wait! What's that? The bag can be opened up to two different bags! remember the front part where you store all your work stuff? You can easily detach it when you reach the hotel and have to run for your business meeting, leaving your clothes back at the hotel and only carrying what you need for your meeting. It also has a strap that you can sling over your shoulder :D awesome, yes?

In today's day and age, when a family has a baby, mothers are not the only ones carrying all baby paraphernalia. At Terminus, there's a bag created specially for the dads, and that's the new Urban Dad Backpack! It is spacious, and is created backpack style which makes it great for going out with the kids cos it's so easy to carry. If you noticed, the design of the bag is large enough to fit a man's frame and has many easily accessible compartments for ease of reaching anything needed.

It has a spot for wet tissues, diapers, even heat-insulated side pockets to keep the hot water in! But of course at Terminus, they recognise that daddys definitely have to carry more than baby paraphernalia, so they had a special compartment that can hold your wallet, mobile phone, keys, tablet, etc.

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This is one of the more special bags that Terminus has created, and that's the Pillow Laptop Bag :) It is an award winning bag, with the winning honour conferred by Reddot Design Award 2011 and Malaysia Good Design.

It is soft and fluffy enough to be used as a pillow, yet durable enough that it can protect your laptop or tablet if you accidentally drop it. The best part is that every inch of the bag made can be converted for another use, and one fine example is the shoulder pad that can be converted into a sleeping eye mask :D

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Now, this is one bag that I am very very impressed with. It's Terminus' Bright Tote bag, which has a special ability. Of course, on top of having many compartments for everything, be it water bottles, tissues, name cards, your tablet, etc, it also has one very special feature that sealed the deal for me.

Yes, it's called the Bright Tote for a reason :D It can light up when you open the bag, so you can easily find what you want in the dark! It is operated by AA batteries, and can last you for one year. But what if you do not like the lights to be on? No worries, there's a switch that you can turn off, and the lights will remain off :)

SO how do you know if the light will be turned on or not? It has a built in magnetic sensor for the LED, which will light up ONLY when you unzip the bag. If the bag remains zipped, the light will not be turned on. Oh and the tablet compartment is also fluffy, and the Bright Tote has also won the Reddot Design Award :D

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Terminus X-Series Backpack 3

Interested in what I have said so far? Here's one more tidbit of information for you . If you purchase any of the Terminus products above RM100, you can purchase the Pillow Laptop Bag for only RM49.90! yes, that is a very very good deal!

I was so impressed with the Bright Tote that I will get this for myself :D It's quite beautiful in design, and is big enough for me to put all my stuff. So here's to another casual bag for myself!

Terminus bags price ranges from below RM100 to RM699, depending on what sort of bag you want. Have I whet your appetite? What sort of bag caught your eye? Tell me in the comments section below!

Location: One Utama Shopping Mall Lot S213A, 2nd Floor, New Wing

Til the next time, stay beautiful!