Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Event: THEFACESHOP Launches the All-New CC Cushion

Cushion compacts are all the craze nowadays, and with so many in the market, many are finding it hard to select the right one for their needs, and some even have had enough of it. 

For THEFACESHOP however, they are always looking for new and innovative ways to improve a product, and in this one, improve it they have. Following with the mega hit of the Oil control Water Cushion, THEFACESHOP introduces a new lineup for CC Cushion makeup. 

There are two new variants to the CC Cushion make up range, and I was one of those few privileged enough to try out both at an intimate session with a few other bloggers. The CC Cushion is an advanced new cushion that has the color control functions of CC Cream and the moisturising abilities of cushion foundation for long-lasting moisture without any tautness and radiance without any darkening.

The product applies the ultra-low molecular hyaluronic acid that provides deep moisturising and flower essential formula that contains seven different flower oil essences for a brighter skin expression.

The new ‘THEFACESHOP’s CC Cushion’ is composed with 2types; CC Intense Cover cushion and CC Ultra Moist cushion and comes in two shades; V201 Apricot Beige and V203 Natural Beige.

The swatched shade on my arm is the V203 Natural Beige for both variants.

The swatch under sunlight

As with all other Cushion compacts, the CC Cushion has a few layers. The puff is placed on top of a cover that separates the product and sponge from the puff, and the compact has a mirror on the inside cover.

CC Ultra Moist Cushion

The CC Ultra Moist cushion is good for one who wants radiance that prevents chapped skin even in the winter season. It is clinically proven for 25-hour lasting moisture & radiance effects. It delivers moisture and radiance as if applying and essential serum.

A closer look at the puff after I pressed it down into the sponge. I didn't really press very hard, but already you can see that a lot of product has been picked up by the puff.

The CC Ultra Moist Cushion contains three main flower complexes, which are Calendula Extract for skin regeneration, Rosemary Extract for anti-inflammation and acts as an anti-oxidant, and Lavender Extract for its anti-inflamatory and soothing properties.

Swatch of the Ultra Moist product on my hand, this is how much of the product has been transferred from the puff onto my hand.

As you can see, upon application, the Ultra Moist cushion delivers a smoother skin texture with a glowing radiant finish. The Ultra Moist formula contains a combination of oil with high refractive index and light-weight oil in an optimal ratio for a very light-weight application that still creates radiant-looking skin.

CC Intense Cover Cushion

The CC Intense Cover cushion is good for someone who wants perfect, flawless skin without flakiness or clumping. This product is clinically proven for its 25-hour lasting moisture & Coverage effects. It provides strong coverage effect which even hides blemishes and greatly adheres to the skin without heavy feeling or clumping.

The puff after pressing into the sponge. I learnt from my mistake this time, I didn't push as hard, but still got quite a bit of product into the puff.

The cushion foundation with high coverage that perfectly covers skin blemishes with just one touch and completely adheres to the skin for plumped, firm, youthful-looking skin. This product has more flower essential formulas than the Ultra Moist variant. The Intense Cover variant has an additional Almond Oil for improvement of skin texture, Borage Oil for skin protection, German Chamomile Oil for anti-inflammation, and Rose Oil for skin regeneration.

Swatch of my hand after application

After application, the Intense Cover cushion delivers better coverage with a blooming finish. The finish is not as dewy as the Ultra Moist variant, it's a little more matte than that. Due to its properties, it is able to cover blemishes and dark spots.

So there you have it, THEFACESHOP's latest CC Cushion range. Which variant will you choose? I will be posting up a review of both in a few days, so stay tuned to see which variant I prefer!

Til the next time, stay beautiful!


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