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Review: Elianto Intense Matte Lipstick

Ever wished you could show off that seductive matte lips look without having to experience your lips going dry? Well, with Elianto's latest lipstick range, you will be able to do that…and more!

Elianto, a cosmetics brand known for its diverse range of high quality cosmetics in Malaysia, has launched the Intense Matte Lipstick on 1 February 2016 at all Elianto outlets and through its e-store,

Everyone knows that matte lipstick is the de rigueur when it comes to creating a statement-making pout. Its velvety finish captivates all who gaze upon the look, but truth be told, it isn’t the easiest look to pull off. Fortunately, with Elianto’s Intense Matte Lipstick, ladies everywhere will soon be able to make the matte lipstick look work no matter what the season.

Thanks to Elianto, I got to try out the latest range of matte lipsticks, which is entirely different from their previous range of liquid matte lipsticks, the Brilliant Riche Matte Lip Colour, which I have previously reviewed.

The colours taken without flash under natural sunlight

In order to match your outfit of the day, the Intense Matte Lipstick range comes in trendy Matte with 6 Sexy Colours ranging from (L-R) Nude-a-licious, Bare Pink, Vivid Pink, Viva Glam, Amorous & Rock Star that will undoubtedly add some sizzle to any style.

The lipsticks come in a twist-up applicator, so you don't have to worry if you've forgotten to bring a sharpener as you’ll never need to sharpen it.

The colours taken with flash

It is equipped with Vitamin A which has the ability to normalise keratinisation by regulating skin cell growth and differentiation. This results in decreased roughness and wrinkling, as Vitamin A is also known as the “skin normalizer” or “rejuvenating agent”

The product also contains the antioxidant Vitamin E which reduces UV-induced erythema, edema, sunburn cell formation, and lipid peroxidation and possesses excellent moisturizing effects, making it the ideal rejuvenating ingredient.

Swatches with flash

Here are the swatches. The first row of the swatch is swatched only once, the row below are swatched two times. As you can see, the colours are a little buildable, so if you want a more intense colour, please feel free to put on as many layers as you like. However for me, I prefer to apply only once, as the colour payoff is already pretty intense and pigmented.

Swatches under natural sunlight

Its emollient formula contains natural botanical wax and vegetable oil that allows it to glide easily on to the lips, something that I can attest to as the colours come off effortlessly upon application. I didn't face any difficulty on applying the lipstick, every application is easy and effortless. The creamy formula also makes a quick touch up a fast and fuss-free affair.

So, swatches of the colours on my lips:

This is a nude colour, suitable for use on a full painted face. Once you have your eyes done in a dramatic look, this colour finishes it off beautifully without detracting from the rest of your face.

This is one of my favourite colours. I am able to pair this with any outfit I have on, whether I'm at work or whether I'm going out for a day of shopping. It is almost nude, but adds a tinge of colour to your face.

This is a pink fuchsia type of colour, brighter than Bare Pink. It really gives a pop of look to your outfit, and you can wear this on a bare face, accentuating your lips.

A little darker than Vivid Pink, this is something I would wear for a day or night out with the girls. Who doesn't want to look pretty? This is the perfect colour to show off your feminine side.

I also love this colour for its brightness and also for its ability to give me a demure look. A woman is never complete without red lipstick, and I'm glad to say, this colour completes me.

Purple in colour, Rock Star delivers exactly as its name suggests. If you're going for a grunge look and the bad-girl vibe, this is the colour for you. It's not a very bright purple that people who see you will get frightened, rather it is a colour that is subtle enough but still gives off the rock effect.

So what do I think? Here are my conclusions:

  • The product stayed on me the whole day! It has a long-wearing resilience and with the Vitamin A & E, my lips never felt dry or chapped. It feels nourished and moisturised, like I'm also wearing lip balm. 
  • The best part is that the lipstick also contains SPF 15, so I know that it is protected from the sun.
  • There are six beautiful colours to choose from, so I am never left with always wearing the same colour everytime I go out.
  • I love how easy the product is to apply. It doesn't take me more than a minute of application, and quick touch ups in between meetings make it the go-to lipstick for me.

The Intense Matte Lipstick will be available in 6 colours for the retail price of RM29.90 at all Elianto outlets and through its e-store from 1 February 2016 onwards.

For more information on Elianto, the Intense Matte Lipstick and Elianto’s other products, kindly visit our website at

Elianto Intense Matte Lipstick

Price: RM29.90

Size: 3.5g / 0.12 fl.oz

Availability: Available at all Elianto stores nationwide, and online at

*The product was sent to me for review consideration. However, this has not affected the outcome of the review in any way.

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