Monday, April 04, 2016

Review: THEFACESHOP CC Cushion Ultra Moist vs Intense Cover

Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you so much for bearing with me, I'm back online after a few hectic weeks of work to bring to you a review of the two latest CC Cushions from THEFACESHOP, the Ultra Moist Cushion, and the Intense Cover Cushion.

Thanks to THEFACESHOP Malaysia, we were given the opportunity to try out two new variants of their CC Cushion range, in their most universal shade, V203 Natural Beige. The two variants also have another shade, the V201 Apricot Beige, which is meant for lighter skin tones.

The CC Cushion is an advanced new cushion that has the colour control functions of CC Cream and the moisturising abilities of a cushion foundation for long-lasting moisture without any tautness and radiance and any darkening.

Both variants provide deeply moisturising effects with an ultra low molecular hyaluronic acid size, which dramatically increases absorption and holds up to 1,000 times the moisture in correlation to its weight. In addition to that, the CC Cushion Foundation has a multitude complex of flower extracts and oil. The result is beautiful, brighter skin, with anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

So what are the differences between these two variants?

The Ultra Moist Cushion coats skin with rich moisture due to its calendula rosemary leaf, and lavender flower extract. After application, it also provides a radiant, glowy, and smooth skin texture on top of covering fine lines for smooth skin.

The CC Ultra Moist Cushion contains three main flower complexes, which are Calendula Extract for skin regeneration, Rosemary Extract for anti-inflammation and acts as an anti-oxidant, and Lavender Extract for its anti-inflamatory and soothing properties.

The Intense Cover Cushion formula has a great adherence which perfectly covers red blemishes and dark spots. It's formula contains flower complex of seven kinds of flower oil. Amongst others, the rose flower oil provides vitality to dull complexion while lavender oil relaxes tired skin for darkening-free, bright makeup.

This product has more flower essential formulas than the Ultra Moist variant. The Intense Cover variant has an additional Almond Oil for improvement of skin texture, Borage Oil for skin protection, German Chamomile Oil for anti-inflammation, and Rose Oil for skin regeneration.

Side by side, the two CC Cushions don't have much difference, the only difference would be the two formulas.

Side view

The look of the puff after pressing into the sponge. I didn't push too hard into the sponge, but I've still got quite a bit of product into the puff. Just to let you know, because the formula is so lightweight, you don't need a lot of product to cover your entire face. The amount that you see on the applicator is enough for my entire face.

Product comparisons

The Ultra Moist cushion delivers a smoother skin texture with a glowing radiant finish. The Ultra Moist formula contains a combination of oil with high refractive index and light-weight oil in an optimal ratio for a very light-weight application that still creates radiant-looking skin.

After application, the Intense Cover cushion delivers better coverage with a blooming finish. The finish is not as dewy as the Ultra Moist variant, it's a little more matte than that. Due to its properties, it is able to cover blemishes and dark spots. The easiest determinant would be the dark eye circles that I have, you can see that the Intense Cover Cushion covers my dark circles better than the Ultra Moist Cushion. 

Comparing the two products, I would say each of them have their own positive points. the Ultra Moist Cushion gives my skin a more dewy finish, and the Intense Cover Cushion provides my skin with better coverage. Both of them have lightweight formulas which I really love. The last thing I want would be cakey foundation and my face feeling like it was ten times heavier with all the product on my skin. 

Selfie using the CC Intense Cover Cushion

Would I recommend THEFACESHOP's CC Cushion? I definitely will! I am a fan of easy to apply make up, and a product that works! I need different products on different days, so I alternate between these two products and I'm set to go. These two products are suited for those between 20-40 years old, and if you are someone who is just starting out on makeup and is looking for something suited to your skin, you can purchase these two variants, because they are just what you need.

If you want to know more, feel free to visit their pages!

THEFACESHOP CC Cushion (Ultra Moist & Intense Cover)

Price: RM83.90 (RM48.90 for a refill)

Size: 15g

Availability: Available at all THEFACESHOP stores nationwide, and online at

*The product was sent to me for review consideration. However, this has not affected the outcome of the review in any way.

Til the next time, stay beautiful!