Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Jalan Jalan Japan brings Preloved Goodness to Malaysia!

Hello ladies! If you have been following my Instagram, you would have seen my haul from Jalan Jalan Japan, a store originating from Japan which sells preloved items.

But before I continue further, it's a picture filled post ahead! *Don't say I didn't warn you*

So anyways, Jalan Jalan Japan was pioneered by Bookoff Corporation, which has more than 800 outlets in Japan and overseas.

So what is all this about Jalan Jalan Japan? Well, in Japan, the culture is such that there is a lack of personal storage space in each household, so even though its citizens earn a fairly high income and has high buying power, there is just not enough space to keep all their stuff, and this is something we might never understand, considering a small living space is something out of the norm for Malaysians (though I do not speak for all of them).

So, back to Japan, they are very disciplined people, and they have a very high respect for their personal belongings that they will really take care of everything properly, and have high regard for their possessions. They believe that the world can be a better place if the products that they own can be loved by others too. Hence, the preloved concept in Japan has evolved into an integral part of Japanes culture. In essence, they love their stuff. But, they do not have the space to keep it, so they sell it because they know that the items that they sell is still in good condition and that other people will benefit from using it.

One other reason they sell their items is not because they need the money, but it is because of the ever changing seasons. Being in a seasonal country, they will need to make way for new clothes coming into their wardrobe. With limited storage, they will change their wardrobe twice a season (for the fashion conscious), and this makes for lots of preloved items.

And this is why we come back to Malaysia. Jalan Jalan Japan brings the concept of preloved items here, because they believe that not only will Malaysians benefit from this, it also ties in to the deep set of human nature. Finding a bargain is always a thrill, whether or not you are a Malaysian, and here at Jalan Jalan Japan, Malaysians will be able to get a taste of contemporary shopping excitement.

Jalan Jalan Japan also offers a WIDE variety of products to choose from! When you enter their store, you are greeted by rows upon rows of clothes, from dresses to jackets, cardigans, skirts, pants, even winter clothing! Then there are toys, household goods, furniture, luggage, surfboards (yes, even that), baby strollers, shoes, bags, whatever you can think of, they have it!

What's so special about Jalan Jalan Japan is that no two items are the same. Because these are preloved items, you will only be able to get one of each kind. So if you see a shirt that you like that is in your size, I would advise you to get it because it is highly unlikely that you will find it anywhere else in the store.

And its so darn affordable! I went in with the notion to get something for my UK trip and with a budget of RM100, I thought I would get perhaps two or three items, including a winter coat. Boy, was I wrong! I had such a shopping spree! I walked out of the place with 8 items, six of which are clothes, and two bags.

A sequinned bag for only RM5? That's a steal!

In other stores, this can easily cost RM40 and above

So what else do they have? let the pictures do the talking!

Take your pick of any shoe you want! subject to size availability of course!

A whole row dedicated to games and board games

Household items

They even have G-Shocks and Baby Gs!

How about some Coach bags? Some of them cost even less than RM100!

Or maybe some LV or Gucci to whet your appetite?

Lovely china teacup set going for only RM80

If you like the chinese zodiac, you might love this. Retailing for only RM20

Unicycles and skis anyone?

If you want to venture into music, perhaps this is a good place to start acquiring that beautiful instrument

Lost a toy, find a replacement here!

Just had a baby and need strollers or basins? Take your pick!

If you're a bag hoarder, you will go crazy over these aisles!

This section is for those wanting a home gym without breaking the bank

High quality glassware

Car seats for everyone! Below the ages of 8 that is :p

Growing up with toys for toddlers!

Hone those skills to be the next Lee Chong Wei...

...or maybe the next Jordan Spieth

Furniture to dress up that porch or lawn

For the manga fan. But I couldn't find Sailormoon though

The last thing I want to highlight is that even though these are items that have already been used by other people, when they acquire them from these Japanese, the first thing they do is sterilise it. They have a plant in Klang where they can clean the items and make sure that it's devoid of bacteria or any other unwanted item before putting it on the racks. Also, all items are checked thoroughly to make sure that it's a proper usable item before putting them on the shelf. I know this because using other people's preloved items are always a concern for me, so I made it a point to ask them.

So what did I get?

As I mentioned earlier, I got myself six pair of clothing, and two bags. Two cardigans, Three sweaters, one winter coat, a backpack, and a small handbag (which is super spacious btw). Individual pricing of all items listed below:

Green cardigan, Red cardigan, Grey Lace Sweater - RM10 each

Pink sweater - RM5

Grey wool sweater - RM20

Winter coat - RM20 (yes only RM20!!!)

Jansport backpack - RM40

Piano handbag - RM5

Yes, they are even Glen-approved! Right after he finished sniffing my haul, he went and sat on my winter coat.

Jalan Jalan Japan is located at 1A, Skypark One City Mall, Jalan USJ 25/1B, One City, 47650 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

They will be officially open on 18 November 2016, so go check them out!

I had so much fun there I will go back there when it opens!

Til the next time, stay beautiful!


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