Sunday, April 16, 2017

Review: Veet Sensitive Touch

Hair removal is something girls are introduced to at an early age, particularly when it involves eyebrows, underarms, and the bikini line. Nobody wants a whole lot of hair in these areas as they're just going to look unkempt, messy, and just plain improper. But there is so much work to remove hair in these unwanted areas as it is time consuming and are sometimes just not done right.

When trimming your eyebrows, you either use tweezers or a razor. But usage of tweezers are painful if you don't do it right, and razors gives you the risk of you accidentally cutting  yourself, which is something nobody wants.

Suffice to say, everybody wants to look groomed, but not everyone wants the hassle.

Thank goodness Veet has come up with the new Veet Sensitive Touch, an electric trimmer that is touted to be quick and gentle with no fear of cuts.

You've read about the event here, here's the review.

Everyone knows Veet as the hair removal expert, and every girl's early memories of hair removal has involved Veet at some point in their lives. I personally have used their product, and I am excited to share this with you.

The package comes with two trimming heads, one for your eyebrows, and another for any other part of your body that you wish to use it on to remove hair. There are two comb attachments, one size for each of the two different heads, a cap, and cleaning brush to remove the residue hair from the razors.

Box Contents:
1x Beauty Styler
1x 2-sided precision head for optimal eyebrow shaping
1x Bikini trimming head
2x Comb attachments
1x Styler cap
1x Cleaning brush
1x Beauty pouch
1x AA battery included

This is the larger trimming head, with a slot for you to insert the comb attachment. This head is 20mm long.

The other side of the trimmer, as you can see, there are small razors to that end, which clips the hair. Because of its design, the razor itself does not completely touch your skin. Therefore, no skin contact, no cuts.

With the comb attachment

As other parts of your body have denser hair, the comb attachment functions to 'comb through' the hair and smooths it out for easier trimming.

The product runs on one AA battery, so there's no fuss with cables and chargers. It also comes with a small bag and the product itself is small enough so you can bring it around where touch-ups are necessary. As you can see, the size fits perfectly well in your hand, so you can even bring it for travelling! Just be sure to put this into your check-in luggage, as I am not sure if you can bring this on board in your hand luggage.

This trimmer is designed specially for your eyebrows, so it is quicker, and easy to use.

The trimmer comes in a 6mm and 16mm blade length, with the 6mm blade used for trimming under the brows, and 16mm for a complete swipe of the length of eyebrows to properly shape and style them.

You can fit them with the comb, so it combs through the brows before shaping them to the desired length. The comb ends come with 2mm and 4mm length.

Before I trimmed under my brows, you can see the little flecks of hair growing out. I'm the kind who can never stand those little hairs, so every chance I get, or whenever I notice it growing out, I will always tweeze them. But I get overboard sometimes with the tweezing, so my eyebrows look overtweezed. But this nifty little gadget fixes it for me.

After trimming the bottom. This was the first time I used it, so of course I was still a little apprehensive. But the longer I used it, the better at it I became. As StevenSunny says, practice makes perfect :)

The first time I tried it, it took me a while to get used to looking into the mirror and trimming the ends, as it's a mirror image, when you move your hand to the left, the mirror shows that you're going to the right, so skills are required.

Before shot. When trimming and shaping your eyebrows so that they do not grow too long, the right skill is needed to ensure that it doesn't get very bushy.

How do you use it?

You position the trimmer on the outside ends of your eyebrows, and just swipe it inwards towards the bridge of your nose. The comb will ensure the longer ends are clipped, and your brows will be shaped beautifully following the arch.

After shaping with the comb and 4mm trimmer, my eyebrows look better. You can see the hair of my brows are shorter, and less bushy. Just enough to look prim and proper, without looking like a grizzly. Now the only thing left to do is to fill them in, and you're good to go!

Any questions? Watch the video below!

While the body itself is not waterproof, the two heads are removable (and interchangeable) for easy cleaning. You can run water through it, and leave it to dry for the next usage.

My verdict?

It is a very convenient tool, especially if you do not have the luxury of time. I take it with me wherever I go, in case I need to trim my eyebrows, and underarms. Your mind just always has this uncanny ability to notice that certain parts of your body needs trimming when you least have time for it, so this gadget is very convenient.

Needless to say, because I bring it everywhere, it gets the job done, so two thumbs up from me!

So what do you think?

Veet Sensitive Touch Precision Styler

Price: RM119.90 per pack

Size: Not applicable

Availability: Available in major departmental stores and drugstores

*The products were sent to me for review consideration. However, this has not affected the outcome of the review in any way.

Til the next time, stay beautiful!