Friday, June 30, 2017

Event: The Butterfly Project Soiree at Posh! Nail Spa

Ask most of the ladies you know and she will tell you she loves to have her nails done, while drinking wine and trying delectable desserts by one of Malaysia’s finest suppliers. 

For me, being invited to attend The Butterfly Project's Soiree was a dream come true. What better occasion was there to enjoy sweets with Moscato, and being pampered?

Being with TBP for a while now, events at Posh! were not unheard of, and it wasn't my first time there. My first introduction to Posh! Nail Spa was when I got invited for The Butterfly Project’s Spa Party, and was even shortlisted as one of Pink and Proper’s Top Model. You can read about my post here: *click*

Posh!’s mantra is that Looks Do Matter, and I cannot agree more. They are a beauty parlour that does everything from manicures to pedicures, even eyelash extensions, waxing services, and makeup and hair services to give you that chic look before heading off to your prom or just an evening night out.

This time, Posh! is newly renovated, and now has a facelift. It was a different look to what I saw previously, and in a good way. Gone were the old upholstery, and in its place are newly adorned plush seats, sequinned pillows, makeup room, and separate areas for manicures and pedicures. It showcases a more elegant look, perfect for those who want to enjoy the feel of being pampered and spoiled.

That day, we were also treated to delicious macarons and eclairs from La Rose Noire, a supplier of sweet and savoury desserts. La Rose Noire supplies to 34 countries in Europe, Asia and Australasia, Middle East and North America. La Rose Noire offers classical French and Swiss sweet delicacies, although some product lines are of the savoury variety (source: Wikipedia)

Dennis of La Rose Noire 

I tried their eclairs, and I was blown away. The chocolate melts easily, and even after just handling it for a short while, my fingers are already coated with the chocolate. I may not know much about chocolates, but I know enough that this is really good quality chocolate.

I have to say, their selection was really good, and I couldn’t stop myself for going back for more.

You can read more about them here: *click*

The perfect pairing to such an enjoyable dessert menu? Wine sourced from Italy, the country where the sun always shines.

Ahh the wine, what can I say about the wine except that it was delicious! Moscato has always been my favourite, and having it at such a lush party only adds to the esteem. It was a Moscato D’Asti, and it was enjoyable for me to consume. I daresay if I was left to my devices with one bottle, I would be able to finish it all off! The wine of the day was sponsored by Wine Talk, Malaysia's Largest Online Wine Shop. The Moscato was just the right sweetness without being overpowering, and added to the wonderful experience that day.

What did we do the entire three hours?

Besides living the tai tai life (if you do not know what that means, you can Wiki it), everyone got to enjoy getting either a manicure or pedicure, sipping Moscato, and sampling desserts. It was also a time for me to meet new people, reconnect with old ones, and basically just have fun. 

It was truly a relaxing experience, and I really loved the atmosphere that the new Posh! evokes. There were so many Instagram worthy spots, and I took so many photos that day! One of the spots I loved was the makeup table. Lined with lights, the dresser was the perfect spot for me to take a picture. Not only that, the new Posh! letterings were also a great place to showcase my photo taking skills.

I wanted to get a French manicure that day, but couldn't as there were time restrictions, so the owner, Sereen suggested for me to use one of their base colours instead. I agreed, and she selected a nude pink for me. After application, I loved it! The colour is just the shade I wanted, and Sereen's expertise ensured that I was one satisfied butterfly.

 With Sereen, Posh!'s owner. 

Friends are what makes the world go round, and I am glad I managed to make long and lasting friendships through the Butterfly Project. Pictured here is Yumi (left) and Janice (right) :)

 I would love to thank the sponsors and of course Tammy for making this happen. It was an awesome experience for me, and I would not hesitate to do it all over again.

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Til the next time, stay beautiful!


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