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How to organise a themed party

Poll: If you had to choose to organise a party of any mythical creature, which would you choose?

My answer? Unicorn!!

And this is truly fortuitous because last month I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Butterfly Project's fifth birthday party, and as is the craze right now, the theme of the day was unicorns!

It was such a great afternoon well spent with my fellow butterflies, who came all dressed to the nines in their unicorn outfits. Some were even tailor made specially for the day, and some were bought from online sites, while others made so with what they had at home. It was truly a sight to behold, fitting 50 uniflies (geddit, unicorn + butterflies) in one small space!

But how does one throw theme parties? I can tell you right now, no one does it better than Mamasan Tammy. But I'll try to break it down and explain it to you.

Set the tone
Before the start of any theme party, you will need to set the tone. Identify what sort of theme you want to use, and once you've done it, head on over to Pinterest and search for that mood board to get a feel of how you want your party to be like. In this case, the theme was unicorns, so think pastel colours, light pinks, blues, purple hues. Green is fine too, as long as it's pastel and pleasing on the eyes. Go on ahead and sprinkle some magic dust as well for the added sparkle and touch of magic and mystery.

For that day, Brrrloon was our official Unicorn party decorator. They brought in all the pastel coloured helium balloons, and the event space was transformed into a magical wonderland. They brought in helium balloons, balloon tassels (the ones featured in the photo above), personalised text balloons (also featured on the tasselled balloons above), and also confetti balloons (with confetti that bursts everywhere once you pop it).

Set the costume
What is a theme party without getting your guests to follow the theme?

You can bring it up a notch by having best dressed prizes for the one guest who went absolutely all out. Get your guests in on it too by getting them to vote for their best-dressed person. In this instance, our top three walked away with prizes from Trollbeads!

Congratulations the winners of the best dressed contest!!
Pic credit: Eros Si

Get a photobooth
What party is complete without a photo booth, right? They have become an essential part to any party as everyone wants to bring home memories.

You can either hire a professional photographer, or take on a photo booth service that gives your guests photos at the event itself. Of course, photo booths give instant gratification in the sense that you get to print and keep that particular photo on the spot. There's also the novelty of taking a few photos and having it printed out to be kept and used either to stick in your scrapbook, or as a bookmark.

At the Butterfly event, we had GNG Photobooth as our official photo booth and that was great because not only did we get still photos, they also had a Boomerang feature as well! We could also get the soft copies via email to post it on our social media!

Besides taking a boomerang video clip, all the bloggers got their beautiful portraits printed on the spot too! They could also download their

If you want to know more about boomerang booths, feel free to visit:

Here's their Facebook link: 

Activities befitting the theme
It is imperative when you have a themed party that you also have activities that fit in somewhat to the theme.

As our party was a unicorn party, the lovely folks at 50Gram allowed us to adopt our very own unicorn! It's actually a Unicorn mug, which is super cute! Needless to say, with every adoption process, we get a certificate, and we need to name our new pet unicorn. Ladies, meet Daffodil Darling below!

Also, to add to the cheer of the event, you can also organise your own DIY activity, such as making your own earrings, or bracelets, bookmarks, etc. Whatever you can DIY can be made into an activity.

The lovely folks at Brrrloon on top of decorating the event space that day, they also set up a booth with a colouring Brrrloon activity.They're quite the pioneers, being the first of its kind in Malaysia. We were all given a Unicorn balloon to colour and inflate and it really is very easy. All you need to do is:
1. Color it!
2. Hit it!
3. Shake it!
4. Watch it grow ^^

Want to know more? Just visit their respective links below!

One thing that I felt made this party very different was this Flower Bar by Everyday Flowers.

What's a Flower Bar you say?
A Flower Bar is a lovely way to make a celebration special. A table bar filled with statement flowers for guests to choose and Everyday Flowers will work their magic to turn them into beautiful bouquets.

It's a clever way not only to enhance your event decor but also to allow your guests to bring home a little piece of your celebration home with them. If you’re looking to add a uniquely creative bar at your event, try the Flower Bar!

Check them out here!

Don't forget the goody bags
Everything in there must at least have some correlation to your theme of the day, and this party was no different.

In keeping with the theme, our goody bags were also given in a small unicorn paper bag. We were also given activity cards that we can use to redeem stamps once we finish an activity.

Tammy even got each and everyone a unicorn horn! It's actually a unicorn brush, but what I loved was all the finishing touches that makes a good event great.

Check out the video below to see what we each got in our bags! You can also find the link to my Instastory at the end of the post to view my unboxing video of the products that I got.

The products here are all sponsored by Belif, NYX Cosmetics, Dolly Wink, and Wanderlust Things

Last but not least, it has to be fun!

A party that is too rigid is not a party at all. Your guests must be able to mingle and talk to each other, take photos, nibble on the food (which is a given), and have ample time to finish all the activities that you have set out for them.

I am truly lucky that I was selected to be a part of this beautiful event, and everything was so tastefully done.

I did quite a few Instastories which I have put as highlights on my Instagram, as well as a live unboxing of the goodies that I've got from the event. Unfortunately, I haven't quite figured out how to embed Instastories here (I don't think they have that function yet) but you can head over to the link below (just click) and you will be brought to my Instagram page!

Thank you so much for reading my post, and I wish you all the best in organising your own themed party!

Til the next time, stay beautiful!


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