Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I have finally finished my ass...erm.......assignment. =D and I am a happier and less stressful person. For now. Today, I am going to play badminton, and tonight, I will go watch a movie with my friends!!! ah..what pleasure..

I have just realised that the glorious rain for the past few days are not God's will...they are the act of cloud seeding for the national level Hari Kebangsaan which is gonna be held here at Kuching on thursday. cis...and I thought God finally took pity on us merciless souls and decided to shower us with wave upon wave of pleasurable refreshing rain...=/

How ironic is it that the Sarawak government just took it upon themselves to have cloud seeding ONLY when the Agong is coming, and not a moment before, when us Kuchingites are here suffocating and most probably getting hazy deposits in our lungs this whole month. I tell you, that is the act of selfishness. Only treat us good when you wana appear favourable in the eyes of the higher ranking officials. >/ Where is our wakil rakyat when you need him?????

Recently, in Kedah, or Kelantan, or Perlis, or whatever semenanjung state, there was another video recording...of the police in that area canning and beating 3 indonesian workers. Apparently these Indon boys were robbing some person, and they got caught(yea, very stupid..) Subsequently, they were brought to the police station, where they were accordingly 'punished' with canes and fists. without 'trial'. And someone caught it on video, and as a result, it ended up in the net, and into the hands of the press, and here we are with another controversy of recorded happenings in the police depasrtment. Will this never stop?

Now the government is considering banning the use of mobile devices that can record video in 'certain areaas'. NTV7 did a poll last night on whether the use of these devices should be banned at 'certain areas' and the results are in!! 20% agreed that these devices be banned in 'certain areas', and 80% do not agree. I am part of the 80% group. Of course, I didn't vote lar, but if I did, I would not agree.

Why should the use of these devices be banned? give me one good reason. If its the cinema, I understand. You don't want to have any piracy going on. If it's the toilet, i can relate. You don't want any sexual harrassment cases. But the police station? if you ban mobile devices in this are, clearly you have something to hide. Like torture of prisoners perhaps? prisoners are humans too you know..they have feelings. You think if they commit crimes they are animals? the only animals are the ones torturing them to death.

I heard from my QA tutorial teacher yesterday that Malaysians are the third rudest people on the planet. So I went online and searched...

  1. French
  2. German
  3. Malaysian

What a disgrace. And this poll waas done on KL people, not people in the whole Malaysia. Imagine, KL people are rude enough to make the top three in the rudest people in the world poll.

ok..I want to go home now!! hehe.. was typing this from Swinburne..

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Anonymous said...

That's difficult, banning the use of mobile devices. I can't live without my phone. Anyway, I just dropped by. I see you also like playing badminton like I do. Cheers to badminton!