Wednesday, August 16, 2006

winds of change

I met Angel Song today, and we talked..hehe...about so many things!!! basically about what have been going on with our lives these past few years....

When she was talking, it suddenly struck me how much she has changed. Then it struck me how much I have changed..

How when last time I would just go on doggedly on my daily routine, now I stop a while to take a breather. Time is too short..

How when last time I've been too concerned about what people think of me, now I couldn't even care less. My time is too precious to waste on these worthless people..

How when last time I wouldn't even think about talking to the ones I would least expect to hang around with, now I can't even imagine life without them..

How when last time I would only think about my feelings and not my parents', now I find myself stopping to consider their feelings..

When I stop and look back, I am only surprised at how far I have come...


Anonymous said...

hey sis! :D

well, life is too short to be conscious about everything. :) this world is full of comparison, and ppl wont stop comparing no matter how much u change, isn't it? :) best to be urself, cos u are already a wonderful person!! *hugs*

And just as long as u do ur work, HDs and Ds are not impossible! ;) Trust me!

choulyin.tan said...

thanks so much titi!!!

i knew i can always count on you to make my day and brighten up my life =)

hugs!!! missing you so much here..