Tuesday, September 11, 2007

busy bee

I have just realised what a busy bee I've been these past few days..lol.

Sorry all, I've been so busy, I've not had the time to update my blog. *many many sorry* to the loyal people who have been visiting my blog in vain *paiseh*

Anyways, an update on what I've been busy with lately...

  • Been covering many events, namely the Yayasan World English debate finals held at Inti College, Sarawak, Leo Blood Donation Drive, CPA Passport Undergraduate Business Conference, and the CPA Australia Installation Dinner.
  • also have been spending time making videos out of the information we've collected, and now I am proud to say, I know how to make a video! *looks pleased*
  • Studying hard for two upcoming tests, which are Corporate Accounting, and Management Decision Making.
  • Making preparations for my job interview for Workplace Communication Skills
  • Two more tests coming up after my mid sem hols (but this doesn't count =p )
  • Well, joined a new club, which is the debate club =)
  • Thinking if I should continue Dancesport, since they're still teaching the same stuff as two semesters ago...
  • An upcoming interview tomorrow, for the CPA Australia Student Charter to be committee members. *fingers crossed* that I'll make it... *prays hard*
  • Not much..lol..just going through the path of self discovery.. ^_^
  • Oh, and yes, been cleaning up my room so that I'll have more space to study =) was covered in dust from the many untouched books on the highest shelf, and was sneezing the whole way through ^.~ Ronnie was saying that I have too many things -_-" ha. THAT coming from someone who has so much stuff himself =p
So, what else? basically, that's it. ^_^

btw, won't be attending the catscity clique *many apologies* cos I'll be pretty busy as well during that time. Hope for those going, that you'll have a great time!!!! I know Ron will, as he has a FREE drink ^.~

okie okie, study study now ^_^


Chen said...

What an eventful days and weeks u have. All the best and study smart :)

Anonymous said...

seems like you're always contributing to activities and group work. take some time off for yourself French Cat lol. if i were a guy who's dating you, i'd be hella sad.

choulyin.tan said...

thanks =) So many things going on, and I'm loving it! =p

yea, it does seem like that, doesn't it? End of the year is when I'll get some 'me' time =)
You still remember French Cat ar? haha..no guys want me, still single so no sad guys after my wake..lol ^_^