Saturday, September 15, 2007

Killing two birds with one stone

Literally, attending two events in a day =)

This afternoon, I was torn between going for the bloggers meet sponsored by advertlets and the debate club meeting. Initially, I decided to go for the debaters club, but after talking (more like SMS’ing) to Ehon about it, I decided to go for both. And I didn’t regret it! ^_^

So first things first, I know I said I won’t be going to the catscity clique in my previous post *click* but I was glad I did. I met so many new faces, and met up with old faces ^_^ people like Georgette, Rose, Irene, and even Josh Lim from Advertlets! I never knew he was Josh until Georgette told me…previously, I even thought he was jimmychin…lol…now that I have put a face to Josh Lim, I don’t even know who jimmychin is -_-“ and I really wanted to meet him T.T

But putting that aside, I got to meet up with my lil bro! ^_^ So that’s cause for celebration, yea? Lol…he looks better now! =D he has already cut and styled his hair, and he looks fabulous! And I’m not just saying it ya, I really mean it =)

The Advertlets team is having a dinner after that, but I can’t go in the end. No transport =(

Secondly, after the bloggers meet, I went to the debaters club meeting! And the moment I walked through that door, Nicholas said “Come! Be my partner!”

I looked at the motion. THIS HOUSE WOULD GO FOR ARRANGED MARRIAGES. O_o” how to debate?!?! Some more, I’ve never debated in the British Parliamentary style before, and such a hard topic on my first debate? So I was quite apprehensive when I went with Nic to the other room to prepare our points.

But after discussing with him, I found that I was actually getting his drift of how the debate was going to be like. But of course, I still needed to further refine and restructure my thinking, and rebut the points of the government (I was on the opposition bench).

And so, the debate commences…

After a while, we were laughing, and the whole tense atmosphere (in me, at least) was deflected. We were debating on the illegal issue of mail order brides, we were talking about speed dating, we were talking about morality and ethics, we were talking about family psychiatrists and marriage counselors, etc..

At the end of the day, there were two verdicts! Cos there were two judges lar, and they were at a crossheads, so….in the first one, my team won! *jumps for joy* and the second verdict, we got second *jumps for joy again* but of course, wouldn’t have won without the great thinking skills that Nic had (just putting this in cos I know he reads my blog and wants to have credit for the win =p) lol…but seriously, I thought Justin’s points were good, just that there wasn’t enough elaboration on the second speakers’ part lar..and Kevin’s points were good as well.. ^_^

But anyway, definitely going for debate again =) I really think I have a chance of learning something new there. And hopefully, my speaking skills will also improve ^.~


Anonymous said...

awww.. u left.. din sempat to meet u at the bloggering..

Anyway, *huggles*

wei khee said...

cough cough. *nudge*

choulyin.tan said...

yea sad debate mar ^_^ but can meet up some other time le...hehe..

apa ni???? -_-"