Friday, October 19, 2007

A world of thanks

Remember how in my previous post I was talking bout being sleep deprived cos of my budgeting assignment?'s all in the past now, as I have handed up our assig last week ^^

Many many thanks to Ron for being my diligent assig partner, and for slaving through the monster of an assignment with me ^^

And seriously, we would not have been able to do it without the help of some selfless people, who were willing to spend their time to help us figure out where we went wrong.

Made some gifts and thank you cards for them, and handed them out this morning. But the really kek-kin thing was when I gave our gift to Jacob, he pula go and say:
"what's this? engagement present isit??"


How many times must I say leh???? we only good friends lerr... -_-"


wei khee said...

hmmm... i'll quote something from transformers: more than meets the eye. haha! :P jk

Robin Wong said...

Hmm.. its time like this that u would think the world is not so bad after all eh? there are still good people out there.

choulyin.tan said...

haha, one would think so =)

yes, it's true. There ARE still a whole lot of good people out there ^^