Sunday, December 02, 2007

Lundu Exposure Trip

Just got back from Lundu, from the exposure trip Mdm Stella and I organised for the Lasallian delegates.

The trip there and back on the bus was uneventful, but it was our experiences there that truly made a big difference in our lives.

We went to Kampung Sebako in Lundu, with our guide, Mr Steven. The village was approximately 5 km from the heart of Lundu, and there is no phone coverage for any of the service providers unless you go out to the street and wait for ten minutes. But all's good ^^

The delegates were divided into three houses, with each of them learning the way of life of the family that takes them in. Some went to tap rubber, some went to pick corn, and some went to pluck ferns.

But before all that, we were ushered into the home of Mr Steven's Aunt, who was organising a housewarming gathering at her home

The food available at the house warming party, hosted by Mr Steven's Aunt. There were so many pork dishes!!!

The National delegates going the the national lasallian leaders' convention.
From left: Claire Su, Patricia Albert, Jonathan Wong, Howard Chung, Caesar Ong, Raphael Ong, and Jonas Gumis

Can you spot the wild boar? The car was moving too fast, so I could only get a glimpse of the boar

The jambatan Gantung (suspended bridge)
Super scary, when I was walking on it. It sways and you have to hang on to the ropes to avoid from slipping

Sungai Sebako

Banana! My dad says that the ones that ripen on the tree tastes sweeter than the ones that ripen after they are cut down.

The type of fern that we pluck, it's a little different than the normal Dryopteris. This kind has fine 'hair' growing around the stalk. The locals there call it Paku Ubat

Pn Stella joining in the spotlight =D

Salim perah-ing santan (Coconut milk)

The Gear head lookalike that is used, the traditional way of taking the santan

Salim posing for the camera =) Up to his hands in Santan

Hasil masakan kami.
Clockwise from left: Chicken cooked with Banana Shoots and Santan, Hot Dogs, Bittergourd, Banana Blossoms (Jantung Pisang) with Santan,Mango Belacan, Paku (Ferns)

This was at another house, and the cat looks pampered

The little feline, curling up underneath the car

The church at the Kampung, it has been built since eleven years ago

The mother hen with her little chicks...can you spot them?

Kemas Tabika

Even kampungs have libraries too

Horseshoe crabs. Funfact: When they mate, they mate for life =) One of the few living fossils left

Group photo with the host family that took us in.
From left: Mr Liong Punah, his wife, Pn Stella, Me
Behind: Their children

Baby chicks!!! super cute =)

The jety at Lundu. Sometimes, when the water level rises, even the jety gets submerged

Before we went back, we went for Ais Kacang! hahaha...Very the sedap ^^

Now for another trip to Camp Permai for the CPA Australia Student Charter leadership camp =)


Anonymous said...

wow, seen like very interesting~ this Lundu from which state?

Anonymous said...

Lundu in Sarawak rite, ever heard bout it...anywhere interesting places you can recommend me for my 3rd visit to kuching in march 2008? I think Lundu is quite far from the city rite..nyway, you do have a great time there, when you pay a visit to Sabah, you should try water really strikes me though..:)

Sumandak said...

that jambatan gantung is sooo seems like that bridge is gonna fall anytime soon..btw,does that river has crocodile in it??

choulyin.tan said...

Lundu is from Sarawak, which is In Malaysia =) Do come over to visit!

well, there's nothing much to shop for in Kuching, but we DO have lots of interesting places to visit. Why don't you let me know when exactly you're coming over to visit, so that I can arrange some fun activities for you? =) I'd love to bring you on interesting sight seeing

No, I don't believe so..there are even no more fish in the river, as there have been illegal logging there, as well as pollution of the river. Sad isn't it?