Friday, April 11, 2008

Double 2 yet again


But before his pics, I upload Annna's pics first!! I have yet to get the bulk of them from her, so I only have two T_T but I guess two pics only is better than nothing, yea? ^^

Group photo! Kids from St Teresa, long time buddies, great friends ^^ Ge, Me, Angel, Annna

With childhood friend, Chen, who's recently just graduated from Southampton, and currently working with his parents. Very sweet guy oh...don play play..haha

Only got home from school at 630pm today, and since I was there since 730 am, it felt like a really long day for me, what with WSDC 2008 coming up, the stress of assignments are also getting to me..

But nevertheless, I took a bath, and went straight to McD after that, with the anticipation of letting loose and laughing myself silly at lame jokes. I was not disappointed. =D

Now for Lim's pics! Met up tonight at McD, for a little celebration, and some fun, since it's been such a long time since we actually met up together just to chat and do silly stuff. Even though we're all in the same uni, it feels like we're all living our separate lives...

WK's American Choc cake

with Lil =)

Ivor's back!!!

Shariman, my law partner

Ron, partner in crime..hahahha...

He really liked the girly smarties cake, btw.. =D

Birthday boy!!!

Lastly, the guys tonight, all trying to act (and failing miserably) to be like samseng kias..haha

Sometimes, it's these little get-togethers once in a while that make you truly appreciate the love of friends. Sometimes, it feels good just to let your hair down and laugh like nobody's business with people you feel truly comfortable with. And I have found that in my little slice of heaven, my great friends who have always been there for me through thick and thin. We might not always have time for each other, but when we DO make the time, it's all the more meaningful, because you know that they are the one's who truly care for you.

You know they are the ones who won't judge you no matter how silly you may feel, and they are also the ones who won't turn their back on you when you have made the worst mistake of your life. And I'm glad to say that I have found that in them ^^


Anonymous said...

anna's hair!!!!

choulyin.tan said...

haha..cute right? looks like a pixie =p

Anonymous said...

*LOL* at ehon !!

Eee.. Chen is your childhood friend ah? And yes.. He's very sweet.. hiak hiak..

choulyin.tan said...

ahlost funny his reaction..

and yes, I knew Chan ever since I was in Form 2..can consider childhood friend lar hor? =p