Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Guest Blog I

Just as promised, a surprise for all...haha..

Today, I have a guest blogger. =D

So how to describe this guest blogger?? She is the one-third of my three person debate team, she is someone who is always with a smile on her face, and she is someone who is happy-go-lucky. She will never fail to entertain you with her quirks and antics, and that's what makes her so loveable in our team. She is someone who is ready to take on challenges (as illustrated by her willingness to become DCA in WSDC even though it is widely known that DCA's will usually be the ones who has a tough time in WSDC). She is dedicated (all through training leading up to Borneo Cup, she has always attended trainings, never complaining). She is a tireless worker, is infinitely organised, and she is such a great friend, that these mere words cannot describe EXACTLY how much I treasure her friendship ^^ you go =)

Konnichiwa! Hehe..first time posting as guest blogger for Miss Choulyin Tan, my debate partner. Wee!!

First want to thank her for inviting me to post on her beloved blog =)..hmm..sori ya not so sure what to blog about but in general, I think everyone especially degree is caught up with assignments, postings, tests, finals! Sometimes we wish were not studying, not having all these hectic assignments, but we hardly stop to think of the opportunity of education we are currently enjoying =) In many underdeveloped countries, people are struggling just to afford the very basic education.

Thus, let us appreciate the hectic yet fun uni life that we have, where we study, improve ourselves, socialize and guarantee a brighter future ahead! For me, this is one of the things that inspire me to carry on! Anyways, I want to wish everyone all the best to everyone in their tests, assignments, relationships, etc hehehe =)

No matter what, remember to put on a smile on your face everyday, it could make your day and someone’s day too!! The power of smiling is great! Thanks again to Miss Choulyin for inviting me to post. Have a great day everyone =)

Evelyn Gan ^^

From left: Ron, Yang Yaw, Winnie, Nick, Angie, Me, and Evelyn =)


mrronnieteo said...

Whee! :)

Agreed with what Eve has to say about uni life. Put a smile always! :D

Do you have your own blog Evelyn?

Evelyn said...

Hi Ronnie! hmm..not at the moment. hehe=) might do one after worries will let u noe the add when i hav one :)

choulyin.tan said...

haha yea...a smile is always the way to go!

yay evelyn!!! be sure to let us know when you get a blog yea ^^


Anonymous said...

(baby) choulster.. heh... met a couple of your debaters at worlds this year.. :)

faster come peninsular for visit lar you.. :P

choulyin.tan said...

you did?? who were they?? haha..must be pretty forgettable for you to not even remember their names..haha..

of cos I'll be coming over to peninsular...this July'll get to see me!! ^^