Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tagged yet again..

Well, tagged by Paul, who just has the uncanny ability to let me do something, and not just for here goes:

1)What do you want the most now?
er...what, or who?? =p

2)Who is the person you trust the most?
My family. They are the ones who will never turn their back on you, no matter what you have done.

3)Are you in love?
I would like to think so, but what actually constitutes love? Is it spending a special day with someone, or spending an entire week, or just knowing that person your whole life?

4)If you could have a dream come true. What would it be?
Bear in mind that I'm being terribly unrealistic right now..I would love to turn back time and re-live ILYG all over again :)

5)Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?

6)What's your goal for this year?
This year...
a) get good grades for the second semester.
b) meet someone dear to me
c) be able to get the LS stuff done without a hitch
d) survive school and the many activities

7)Do you believe in eternity?

9)What feelings do you love most?
love, of course. That is the feeling that makes almost everything possible.

10)What are the requirements of your other half?
Well, he'd have to be able to get me. As in, he has to be able to know what I'm saying, even though I'm not saying it. He has to be able to make me smile, has a sense of humor, and we have to be able to connect. The chemistry has to be there.
We can disagree now and then, and that's what adds spice into the relationship.
He doesn't have to be good looking, and he doesn't have to be tall.
Of course, it's imperative that he loves me for who I am, and not for who he thinks I am, or wants me to be.

11)What kind of feelings do you hate the most?

12)Do you cherish every friendship of yours?
Of course :) Where would we be if not for friendships?

13)What do you want to do in the future?
graduate, get a job, stay with my sister, find the right person for me, get married, have kids, have grandchildren, if possible, have great grandchildren, then most probably die :p

14)What is the most important thing in your life?
WHO would be a better question. And as I have previously stated, my family. :)

15)What did you feel last night?

16)Who do you hope to always be there for you?
You know who you are ;)

17)When do you think the world will end?
Don't know, and I'm not going to go all biblical about it.

18)The world ends tomorrow. What will you do?
Tell the people I love that I love them

19)What do you think of the person who tagged you?
Well, a straightforward kinda guy, and somewhat like my younger brother. :) It's always a pleasure talking to him, and he almost always manages to make me laugh. His directions are a little bit off though :p

20)What do you want to know right now?
If he has feelings for me. But I can wait, so basically, nothing much that I can say..

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Ronnie, hahaha...better do this tag!!
Lilian, baa baa... :)
Wei Khee, xtr3me better do this, you haven't done the other tags ar..
Kyra, hehe another tag for you ^^
Shariman, faster update..
Tsu Chong, an old friend I met last weekend, and am happy to have rekindled that friendship


wei khee said...

You got my name wrong, its xTr3me, not xtr3me. :X The capital T.

TsuChong said...

Thanks for the link and tag : )

But i buat later can hahahahah.

See ya around and enjoy classes!