Sunday, November 06, 2011

ChurpOut at Chatime

Once again, thanks to Churp2, I had the privilege to be invited to a ChurpOut event at Chatime Publika :D It was a first time collaboration with Nuffnang and Churp2, hence the huge amount of blogger and tweeps turnout.

The sea of bloggers + tweeps lining up for Chatime
This was my first ever ChurpOut event so I didn't really know what to expect, only that there will be quite a number of bloggers and tweeps there, some of whom I have already known, and some I have 'chatted' with, but have not met yet.

I must admit, when I entered Chatime Publika, I was a little overwhelmed...there were so many people!!!!! But thank goodness I was put at ease by the easygoing people at Churp2 and Nuffnang. I was given a RM20 cash voucher (that's a lot of $$), and made to go forth and mingle!  :D

Publikash (I like how they integrated the words Publika and cash to make it Publikash. This is the mark of good corporate branding, but that's something else to talk about entirely)

The ChurpOut started innocently enough, with a speech by Richie, the owner of Chatime Publika, followed by someone from Nuffnang (I'm sorry I didn't catch the name!! ): ) Then we had a short round of introduction of selected bloggers or tweeps. Benjamin was the first to get called up, and he shared with us his love for TieGuanYin tea :p The sharing jumped from person to person, and I was lucky person number four :p and that was only because I was taking a picture of the most adorable boy there :/ Or perhaps there were also some other not-so-innocent people pointing at me when I wasn't looking *cough*Henry Richard*cough*

 Ben's TieGuanYin :p can you not take a pic of such an adorable fella??

There was also an interesting game played that day, where we had to drink the different types of Chatime varieties and guess which drink is which :p Needless to say, we only got 2 out of 8 correct, but it's an achievement in itself! At least got correct ma..

The drinks and cups all lined up in preparation for the contest

So who won?

The Incredibles (the incredibly last minute team which was just formed literally ten seconds before the game was about to begin)

Second place goes to Tau Foo T :p Henry's looking a little suspicious here :/

All in all, it was a great event, and very very successfully organised by the tireless people at Nuffnang and Churp2!! I met lots of new interesting people, either famous, infamous, half famous, and/ or not famous. :p


Henry Lee said...

suspicious? that photo i wasnt photobomb! hahahahaha.... awesome churp out session! :)

choulyin.tan said...

haha too bad that one didn't have your signature photobomb :p otherwise it would look tonnes better :D