Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Honda Hybrid Vehicles Test Drive

Thanks to Ryan, I got the chance to test drive the Honda range of Hybrid cars, mostly the Jazz, Insight, and CR-Z and his showroom and office, Imavest Sdn Bhd.

Disclaimer: I'm not so much of a well versed car fella, so Imma gonna give a layman review of these cars yeah :p

So to start off, the Honda Jazz Hybrid

1. It is super fuel efficient! :p and when it's not (actually, when you're making it not so fuel efficient la), it tells you so. It has an eco-scoring function that provides feedback about your current and long-term driving practices. Personally, if I were driving the car, I might not even turn on this function cos the whole time I was test driving it, I felt like it was judging me x_x"

2. It has ULTRA seats :D The seats can be folded down, and I like how it folds down all the way, and that makes it easier to transport larger items. I can predict that who ever gets a Jaz will feel that trips to Ikea will be a breeze :p

3. It has a cooling vent :D you can put two cans of coke in there, and open the little stopper on the left side. Air will flow into it and cool down your drink. Not super ice cold, mind you, but cold enough to be refreshing :)

4. I also kinda like the knobs and buttons on this particular car :D All super easy to touch, and simple enough for a layman like me to understand :D

This was when bb just got his hair cut :p methinks the short hair doesn't suit his expression :p

 Not too much legroom space though :/ bb couldn't really open the glove compartment properly cos his legs too long. But I could, so it's further testimony that I should sit in the passenger seat if we get this car :p

The rear of the Jazz. I quite like the sleek design. I saw a red Jazz Hybrid few days ago, and it looks so cool, I actually trailed behind it to admire it. :p

Side view of the Jazz Hybrid, I think this is one car I don't mind having in my car porch :D

On-The-Road Price with Insurance : RM94,800.00

Secondly, the Honda Insight Hybrid

The Insight Hybrid has the same eco-scoring function that the Jazz has, but I guess that's because it's inbuilt in most Hybrid cars?

It also has what you call a Cruise Control. When you reach a certain speed, you just click the CC button, and you can relax (it's a little like autopilot). The car will maintain the speed for you (It will slow down the car for you after you accelerate and let go of the accelerator), and you just get to cruise along (I think that's why they aptly named it so). But this Cruise Control function will disengage if you press on the brakes, and to activate it you will have to click it again once you reach your desired speed.

The seats were very comfortable, but because they were quite low, I couldn't really see the rear properly, also because there was the low back that hindered me from looking out comfortably

Didn't really like the speedometer, cos the steering wheel was directly in my line of sight and I had to always sit up straighter just to see if I was going fast or slow

I got to test drive this car instead of the Jazz, and I must say, it's actually quite a smooth ride, but there are some shortfalls since I was short. But Henry loves it :p

The side of the car, sleek design, but a little normal for me :p

The most important feature Hybrid cars have is that the engine turns off automatically when you're not moving (i.e. at the red lights), and if you're on level ground (and also if your feet is on the brakes consistently), otherwise, if the engine shuts down and your feet are not on the breaks, you might just roll downhill. And the Hybrid cars are smart that way :p

 The Insight On-The-Road Price with Insurance : RM99,800.00

Next up, some light hearted pictures for the sake of putting them up :D (In no chronological order)

Our car dealer bringing us out for lunch after the test drive :D

During the briefing before our test driv. Look at all the expectant faces!!

Happy faces after the test drive

The colourful kites on sale lining the road on our test drive route. Took bb quite a few tries to get the correct shot. and even then, there was the motorcycle tumpang glamour there -.-"

Lastly, the Honda CR-Z Hybrid!!! (didn't get to drive this though, cos there were no test drive units available)

Simon posing for the camera 

I love its sporty design.

Sitting in it makes me feel like I'm in a James Bond movie even though it's not moving :p

Living my fantasies of being a sportscar driver. Yes, I know it's not a sportscar, but it feels like it. That's how good it is :D

CR-Z On-The-Road Price with Insurance : RM115,013.50

So, Jazz, Insight, or CR-Z? If I were to drive, I would probably say Jazz. But as a passenger, definitely the CR-Z!! :D

But this trip wasn't just for the cars. Nopes, it was also to show off how great the Honda showroom is :D and it really is great :p

But to start off first, Honda Imavest is having a roadshow to promote their newly opened 3S Centre, and they will be giving out vouchers for free Engine Oil to Honda Owners to be used at their Service Centres. This is applicable to ALL Honda owners, and not just those who bought their car at the Imavest showroom

Ryan explaining how the 'supercomputer' calculates your loans based on your car specifications

Their roadshow schedules are as follows:

3rd of April – 15th April : Jusco @ Balakong

23rd of April – 6th of May: Tesco @ Semenyih

15th May – 20th May: Alamanda @ Putrajaya (It's still on!!!)

Also, their Service Centre will be operating on Sundays from 8th April onwards from 8am to 1pm. Previously, they were only open Mon-Sat, which means, now they're open 7 days a week :D

The Honda Imavest Centre has 20 service bays and can service up to 200 cars a day, customers have the choice to either walk in or make an appointment to service their cars.

They also offer Insurance Renewal (MSIG)be it insurance/roadtax for any cars (not just Honda), Fuel Injector Cleaning, Polishing/Waxing/Disinfecting, Deodorising, Aircond Servicing, Brake, Sideslip, and Suspension diagnostic service

If I do say so myself, it's a pretty cool place to be in :p and you get free coffee too btw :p

Interested to find out more?
You can find a Gmap to Imavest here or 
just visit their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/imavest

Alternatively, you can call:
+603 8737 8606 (General Line); or
+603 8737 8909 (Service Appointment)


akuzle ayu said...

3 cars 4 a test drive? u r really blessed!! i love the cooling vent.. so cool lah. the rest? i'm same as u, not really the car-thingy-fella...;-))

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Wah, now only blog about it? LOL.


Nikel Khor said...

awesome nice car..

SiMon Har said...

the Jazz hybrid was a fun drive :)

~Joeanney~ said...

WAHH, the number plate also very nice :D

Xue Ren said...

fuyoh! test drive so many cars? yeng! =D

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haha yup, but din manage to test drive the CR-Z :p haha i guess most girls would not know so much about cars

lol at least got blog ma :p hehe

love the CR-Z!!!

yea :D cos of the paddle shift yes?

ya, the numbers are all the same one..

Xue Ren
yup :) damn awesome!