Sunday, July 15, 2012

Coconut Shake @ Klebang Besar, Melaka

Last weekend, I was at Melaka for a LEAD Programme for one of our Lasallian Schools, St. Francis Institution. LEAD basically translates to Lasallian Expedition and Development Programme, which caters specifically to the lower class Form 2 students of the schools.

Trips like these to Melaka, while it serves as an avenue for us to give back to our society, it was also a time for us to enjoy the local delights they have in these quaint little cities. Previously, whenever I went to Melaka, I would love to make my way down to Jonker Street (specifically Jonker 88) for a bowl of their delightful cendol, with lots of Gula Melaka.

That was before I discovered the Original Coconut Shake in Klebang :D

Melaka is famous for their cendol, satay celup, and Mille Crepe, amongst others. It was never really famous for coconut shakes. Heck, coconut shake was never an in thing with the crowd anywhere (mostly cos no one discovered it yet).


Basically, the coconut shake stall started really small, with just a small outpost by the roadside. If you're not sure where to go, tell your driver that it's on the way to Klebang (it's located at Jalan Klebang Besar) and it's just before a Caltex Petrol Station. Most people coming from the city will use the station as a U-turn to head to the little stall.

That little outpost caters specifically to tapau customers (customers who want to pack home). If you wana eat drink and be merry, turn in to the turn just before the stall (if you U turned at the station, then it will be after the stall), and drive all the way til the end. You will be able to see it on the right. Don't worry about getting lost once you turn in, it's pretty easy to spot :)

Left: Coconut Shake Regular, RM1.50
Right: Coconut Shake Special, RM2.00 (comes with an extra scoop of ice cream)

Look at the beautiful coconut shakes on display!!! They make these in bulk, as there will always be orders for this. FYI, the stall only makes coconut shakes and Sugarcane juice, so if you wana go there and order cendol, please be prepared to be disappointed :p

How does it taste? It tastes like coconut *lame* :p Hmm...well, it tastes like a milkshake and coconut, with bits of coconut inside, and vanilla ice cream. For me, it wasn't too sweet, and even after the ice melted, I didn't get sick with it, and really enjoyed chewing the coconut bits :)

Nasi Lemak, RM1.20

In terms of food, they serve the most awesome Nasi Lemak!! It's the really authentic nasi lemak that comes wrapped in banana leaves, with the sambal mixed in together, few pieces of anchovies, and a quarter of a hard boiled egg, not like those that are packed in polystyrene with fried egg and wanabe anchovies :p Oh and did I mention that it's just the right amount of spiciness?

I can safely say that when I first tried this Nasi Lemak, I felt like I have gone straight up to heaven :p It was that good, as far as street food goes. So if you're in Melaka and don't really know where to get good Nasi Lemak, I would recommend you to come here, though some might feel it's too far for a cheap packet of Nasi Lemak :p

They do have Fried Bihun and Fried Mee as well for the same price, but I would take Nasi Lemak any day :D

Apart from Nasi Lemak, they also sell an assortment of cakes (or 'kuih', as per Malay translation). These are pretty cheap, with three kuih for RM1.00, and one for RM0.40

This is how full they are when I was there. Granted, it could be because of the weekend crowd, but my friend said that it's like this every day. 

So what did we order? For three persons, three glasses of special coconut shake, and six packets of Nasi Lemak, two for each :)

But in the end......the Nasi Lemak escalated to ten packets @_@" My initial plan of only taking two backfired, and I succumbed to add one more packet :p Hey, it's really really really good!!!!

I did mention that I was in Melaka for a programme right? Well, we also tapau-ed some back to Pantai Kundor for the rest of the Organising Team :) altogether, we packed 26 packs of Nasi Lemak, and 14 cups of Coconut Shake :D

It was a very worthwhile trip for me :D

P/S: I had two packets of Nasi Lemak for dinner that night too :p hahahaha


Kelvin Tan said...

Wow, serve with ice cream. Looks delicious but I don't like coconut. LOL

choulyin.tan said...

haha ya, it's not for coconut lovers :p very rich in coconut :D

SiMon Har said...

I always wanted to pay it a visit... well, see when I going to Melaka :)

choulyin.tan said...

Simon, we can make a day trip down to Melaka just for makan makan :D hehe

Unknown said...

wow. macam best ehh....mana this place? I never know this place existed er....Must go Melacca with u one day..

choulyin.tan said...

Eunice, must go!! lol but need to find melaka tour guide >.< hahaha cos i remember the road sikit sikit only :p

dinebloomer89 said...

I love this especially with ice cream. I had that the last time i was in Melaka. My sis brought me there.

durianland said...

The coconut shake special looks awesome and affordable! Thanks for sharing!

Merryn said...

Alamax! I stay quite near here you know but never try this before!!!

Tony said...

Wow, I actually never thought that coconut shake is possible. But then again on these days, what isn't? Dark Knight Rises - movie review