Thursday, May 09, 2013

HiShop Beauty Ambassador Welcome Pack

The last two weeks were delightful weeks for me as I received parcel after parcel of items from so many different companies :D haha those are weeks of love :p Whenever some courier company knocked on the door, le bb would automatically ask me to open it cos it would most probably be for me :p

One of them was from HiShop, where I was invited to join their beauty ambassador program and they sent me a welcome pack!

Oh look! pink box! Seems like I'm starting to like pink stuff more and more :D lol becoming even more girly than before >.<

So what is HiShop??

HiShop [ pronounced as hai-shop ] is an online beauty and cosmetics store. They only carry Genuine Products and they believe that beauty should be made accessible for everyone – anytime and anywhere. There are some brands I knows such as Shills, Yadah, Arty Professional, Stage and many others that I have not heard about.

If you are a beauty junkie, you're gonna love this online store! There are always promotions and great deals that you can get. On top of that, spend RM50 at one time and get free shipping!

When I got this welcome pack, I was quite surprised to find it so heavy. I was wondering what products they have in the box to make it so heavy. I didn't have long to find out :p

Ta-daa!!! In total, I was given five products, two of which are full-sized, and the other three are sample sized. Here's what I got from the welcome pack:
  • Scent Affair Honey and Oatmeal Body Wash (Full)
  • Stage Eyeliner (Full)
  • Nature & Co Vital Purity Lift Mask (Sample)
  • Nature & Co Pure White Lotion Light (Sample)
  •  Nature & Co Pure White Milky Lotion Light (Sample)
All these products are specially picked for me based on my preference when I filled out the form for the Beauty Ambassador, and I must say, I really liked what I got!

RM22.60 RM14.80

This body wash provides anti bacterial protection and is gentle on skin. It is also moisturizing with aloe vera and honey, and leaves skin smelling great! Yes, I can attest to that as I have already tried it on myself. The fragrance is awesome and I don't mind smelling like this the whole day :)

WAIT! If you are interested in purchasing this product from HiShop, you have two purchasing options:
  • Buy one 725ml bottle and get a 275ml bottle FREE
  • Buy two 725ml bottles get a 725ml bottle FREE
Oh and they're having a promotion now, so you can just easily get the 725ml bottle for only RM14.80 :)


Creates perfect definition for eyes: be it subtle and natural or sultry and dramatic. Smudge-proof, blendable and waterproof. With Vitamin E and comfort formula to glide smoothly on delicate skin. Natural antioxidants care and protect skin.

Of course, being an eyeliner junkie, I was pretty excited to get this, furthermore from Stage. I have had all sorts of eyeliner, from pencil to crayon to pen to gel, so yea, I've pretty much used the variants of eyeliners :p I've heard that Stage products are good, and the first time I used it, I was pretty pleased with the results. The eyeliner was black enough, and didn't smudge at all, totally not like the other eyeliner pencils that I have used. It also didn't fade away after a full day of use. So for RM33, I would say it's pretty worth it :)

Close up of the ingredients :)

Sample packs
Left: Nature & Co Vital Purity Lift Mask (140ml), RM88.90
Middle: Nature & Co Pure White Lotion Light (180ml), RM58.90
Right: Nature & Co Pure White Milky Lotion Light (130ml), RM58.90

The mask helps to tighten pores and smoothens skin texture, with natural clay ingredients to banish dullness and produce soft, smooth skin

The Pure White Lotion Light is a whitening skin toner that penetrates easily into the skin to fill it with moisture and make your wish for pure and transparent skin come true. It has whitening ingredients that absorb deep inside the skin and leaves skin healthy and teeming with pure translucence.

The Milky lotion goes on with a fresh texture and blends delectably into skin. It is also a whitening lotion that leaves skin moist, creamy, and exceedingly soft to the touch. With a Vitamin C derivative (base compound), it suppresses melanin generation and wards off spots and freckles.

Wait, there's more!!!

Specially for readers of Circle of Life, you get to have RM20 off any of your purchases above RM100!! Simply use the discount code "LOVEHISHOP" upon checkout and voila, RM20 will be deducted off your bill! This code expires in 30 June 2013, so you have two full months to shop at HiShop!

Now that you've gotten a glimpse at some of HiShop's products, hurry and head over to their site today! Better yet, like their Facebook Page for more offers and to show your support!

Never want to miss out on a HiShop offer? Then I highly encourage you to sign up for their newsletters and you will be rewarded with first-hand exclusive offers :) Simple go to to subscribe!

It's an offer not to be missed, so go to their website today!



ahlost said...

Ooohh.. i see HiShop in nuffnang ads too.. kakaka..

Choulyin said...

yea, they work very closely with Nuffnang one :D

Merryn Tan said...

I'm still not into this beauty box craze as I often find items that I dont really need in there..

Isabel said...

Not a beauty box though.. It's just a box of goodies sent to bloggers for review

Hilda Teo said...

Seems like everyone is getting different stuff, good strategy in a way :P

ahlost said...

@Isabel : I thought it's another type of beauty box though.. bloggers in West Malaysia is very lucky.. *envy*