Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Butterfly Project's Spa Party

The Butterfly Project is back again this month with a whole new experience! In June, they will be hosting a spa party, and you can win an invite just by telling them 3 reasons why you want to be there! If you're new to blogging and not sure exactly what the Butterfly Project is all about, they're a community of awesomely insane and adorable beauty bloggers who love to share about the latest beauty trends and programs that would benefit, motivate, and encourage others to live long and prosper voice out their dreams, goals and opinions :) What more can you ask for?

Not only that,you get to be pampered by all the collaborating brands below as well at the spa party, how awesome is that?!

First off, we have our feet and hands to pamper, hence the location of the spa party is at none other than the Posh! Nail Spa!!

Next up, to pamper our stomachs, we have little bite sized treats sponsored by Idea Food Solution!

To pamper our vanity, we have none other than Fotobox!!! What better way to commemorate our fun time at the spa than to take home photo memorabilia from our awesome party?

Next, to pamper all our girly whims, we have Tres Chic Party Planner who knows just what a girl wants :D

To pamper the humanitarian in us, we have the Body Shop who promotes 100% Vegetarian, and No Cruelty to Animals! :)

To pamper our need to feel moisturised and soft inside and out, there is Johnson's! Did I ever tell you guys that I absolutely love their Baby Shampoo? Especially the one with the honey formula, it smells heavenly!!!

To pamper our feet and keep it clean, we have one of the best flip flop companies, Havaianas Malaysia!

To pamper our need to feel and look sexy, we have Pink N Proper to dress us :)

Where else to pamper our face, except to use face masks sponsored by TT Mask Malaysia?? Personally, I have tried three of their masks, and I am looking forward to try out more! They're really really good!

Last but not least, to pamper that little angel inside that loves to receive freebies, we have the one and only company that delivers freebies to your doorstep, OnlyBeauty sponsoring us some goodies!

With all these awesome sponsors in the list, who doesn't want to score invites to the party of the year?!?! I know I definitely want to, so here goes my list of the Top 3 reasons why I will not miss the Butterfly Project's Spa Party!!!

1. I am a girl
Yes, I'm pretty sure that's obvious enough :p What I really mean is, this is a party dedicated specially for girls, and I would love to pamper myself with all the awesome products and services by these sponsors!! All of these brands are highly sought after brands, and it would be a shame if I were to miss out on this awesomely cool party. Who doesn't wana walk around with flip flops wrapped with a fluffy soft bathrobe?

2. I love parties!!!
Yes, I'm a self-confessed party-holic :p I would never pass up the chance to party with my girls unless I'm feeling under the weather or I am bogged down with work. Parties are the best place to have fun with those close to you, and there are so many versions of parties that I've lost count! I've been to pool parties, birthday parties, tea parties (with my lovely butterfly friends), camp parties, beach parties, but never a spa party, so if I do get to go to this spa party, it would be a dream come true!


awww....check out all the little girls having the time of their life being pampered and masked :) I would love to be able to experience this too!

3. I need time-out from work
Being a follower of this blog, you would know that I work as a PR Consultant for a very niche corporate IR/ PR firm. Being in this line is tough work, and I really do salute Tammy for being able to pull it off AND be able to blog with all her pretty pictures at the same time! I seldom have time for other things besides work, and this spa party would be a good place for me to unwind and relax my tired body and pamper myself silly.

This would give me the sustenance I need to continually do what I have to do every day, and meeting up with my beautiful butterfly friends will enable me to chill and restore my youthful beauty *perasan* :p

 Look at those cutesies!!! I want myself a little bit of that too! :D hmmm...I wonder why spa parties are always associated with pink? No matter, I would love to sashay around in a pink bathrobe too! :)

So there you have it, my little post on the top 3 reasons why I would love to attend the Butterfly Project's spa party :D May I have the invite please...pretty please??? :D

P/S: Pictures (where otherwise credited) are all taken from Tammy's page, link here *click*

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