Sunday, July 07, 2013

Plusizekitten's 5th Birthday Bash @ TGV One Utama

Last month, celebrated its 5th Birthday! and in order to commemorate that super special occasion, Tammy had an awesome collaboration with TGV Cinemas :)

Held in One Utama, her readers had to join an instagram contest, where they had to show their party face and she will select the best winners!


Yes, that is my party face, inspired by Tammy Meow :p this was way before I got myself a little kitten, so it's my very innocent impression of how a kitten would look like :p I must admit,  it does look a little cutesy and constipated, but I didn't know how to play with editing my pictures to make them look pretty :p But anyways, I was selected as one of the winners, and I'm so happy to say that it was really a dream come true for me!

TGV Cinemas is famous for their first-of-its-kind beanieplexes, and I definitely don't want to miss out on a chance to catch my favourite Man of Steel while lounging on those beanbags :D

 Look at that! who would pass up the chance to sit on those humongous bags?!?!

Upon arrival, we were greeted with a table full of goodies, all thanks to AskJoey-The Sweetest Party, Tammy's special party planner!!! They also did the massage party hosted by Amante and the Butterfly Project two days back, and it was awesome! I have a thought to perhaps ask them to help me plan and organise my next great big event for me :D

There were so many goodies on the table, and everything fits the theme perfectly! The banner was in the form of a movie ticket, and all the details of the party were carefully printed out, much like how the details you need to watch a movie is there.

I quite like the entire theme and concept  because I could see that special thought was given to every little detail. Check out the 'take' board  :p actually, I don't know what it's called, I just call it the 'take' board cos that's what people who have that board usually says. They go, "Take 1!!!" and just clap the board :p

The other goodies on the table were also themed Man of Steel and birthday!!! There were candies, cupcakes, fruits, chocolate, party hats, party accessories, and the most important factor that you need when watching a movie, popcorn!!!!!

Check out those beautiful chocolate cupcakes!! Wanted to take one but when I went outside to get it, there were no more left T.T and the icing looks so delish sumore...huhu...

So in the end I took power fruits that has the ability to power you up and gear you for the movie! hiakssss!!!!! Took the grapes only though, cos I prefer grapes over strawberries :D

And the loveliest gift of all, the Sexy Superman Lip Scrubs!!!!! I loved it so much that I tried it on after I got home, and immediately wrote a review about it! You can read about it here *click* This has actually inspired me to DIY a lip scrub myself, but I will need to get the ingredients for it ready first, and definitely after my exam on Tuesday :D

Feeling a little playful, I decided to try out the funny glasses :p Does it make me look nerdy? :D Geeky? hahaha with the hairstyle, I daresay it makes me look like a university nerd :p

So after I got my fruits, I went back in and guess who I saw was already lounging on the beanies? yup, le bb looks so content, he was already stretched out on the bean bag :p All throughout the movie, I almost fell asleep on the bean bag cos it was so comfortable! Admittedly, it was a little hard to get up after the movie cos you were already in such a comfortable lounging position :p the bean bags were made of leather, and when you sat down, you could really sink yourself into the bean bags, and get into a comfortable position to watch your movie :) Suffice to say, it was one of my better moments in a cinema :D

After the movie, we were treated to a celebration for Tammy's blog :D We even sang the birthday song and posed for the camera!!! We all felt like the paparazzi's target that day with so many cameras aimed at us :D

See that birthday cake over there? yes, it's Bisou's famous blue cream cheese cake! and it's rainbow cake too :p

Haha yes, I definitely kid you not. It really IS rainbow cake :D

So I got home, and managed to download a super awesome app, called Cymera to add a little bit more flavour and glam to my photos. And excited as I was, I uploaded it straightaway to my insta :)


Isn't it pretty?? :D Just a mini collage of the dessert table, and a group photo to those who went :D

Lots of love to Tammy (at Plusizekitten) and TGV Cinemas for the great experience at TGV Cinemas :) The Beanieplex was awesome, and the movie totally didn't disappoint me!!! I would love to experience it all again one day :)



Tammy said...

lovely sharing on my birthday beanieplex bash... Ask Joey will be so happy you love her so much ahhaha!!! well worth the money I paid to engage her to make it SUPER DUPER awesome... fitting the whole movie outing scene :)

Thanks for your support and being an awesome reader too Choulyin!!!

Choulyin said...

Thanks for inviting me Tammy!!!! :D you always have the most awesome posts and giveaways. Hope can be like you too some day :D