Friday, September 20, 2013

Achieve Rosy Fairness with Ms. Rosy

Hello ladies :) If you've been following The Butterfly Project's FB page, I'm sure you would have seen me attending a Tea Party with Ms. Rosy, where she shared her secret to rosy fair skin. Ms. Rosy is the epitome of what a successfull woman should be like. She has a high flying career, a loving family who always takes care of her, and BFFs who will always be there for her through her good times and bad. But most importantly, Ms. Rosy has something that every Asian woman dreams to have, and that is Rosy, Fair skin.

Thanks to The Butterfly Project, we were all very fortunate to be able to meet Ms. Rosy, as she shared with us her BFFs, must haves in her handbag, and how she stays connected to everyone around her, especially via social media platforms.

Every single one of us was so excited in anticipation of Ms. Rosy revealing to us how she manages to keep her Rosy Fairness even during tough times!

We were given this particular brochure, where she gave us her ultimate secret, on how she achieved Rosy Fairness with the help of Pink Tourmaline Gemstones, and Melanin Vanish. Want to know what those products are???

Ta daa!!!!! Of course, they are L'Oreal's White Perfect Double Essence, White Perfect Day Cream, and White Perfect Night Cream :) These three products all have Pink Tourmaline Gemstones which helps with microcirculation for a rosy and radiant appearance.

They also have Melanin Vanish, which works deep inside the skin to help dislodge melanin from different skin layers. A drop of this is 50x more powerful than a drop of MelaninBlock, making it more effective when it comes to combating dark spots, dullness, and uneven skintone.

The best part about all this? After the tea party, we were given these exact three products to try out together with the full range of cleanser and toner as well!

The full range of L'Oreal White Perfect products for us to try out. From right, Milky Foam, Toner, Double Essence, Day Cream, Night Cream.

L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Milky Foam (100ml/ RM21.90)

This milky cleanser helps to thoroughly remove dirt and impurities from the skin, leaving it clean and flawless. Enhanced with ingredients like the powerful Pink Tourmaline Gemstone and Melanin Vanish, it helps to protect against melanin synthesis.

L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Toner (200ml/ RM22.90)

Use this to prep your skin for other products. It is a refreshing toner that helps to further hydrate the skin for better absorption.

 L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Double Essence (2 x 15ml/ RM59.90)

 This double action radiance-enhancing essence features Melanin Vanish and Pink Tourmaline Gemstone in an easy to use pump bottle. Get anti-spot and anti-skin darkening action as this essencce helps to lighten skin tone and face brown spots for an even more radiant skin.

 L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Day Cream SPF17/PA++ (50ml/ RM33.90)

 This is a Day Cream to help protect your skin against harmful UV Rays while keeping it even toned and fairness with a rosy glow. The day cream has Melanin Vanish which helps to reducce spots and visibly brightens skintone for a more radiant look. It also has long-lasting properties to help tighten pores to give skin a more refined look while the UV filters protect against UV induced darkening thereby reducing the appearance of brown spots and freckles.

L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Night Cream (50ml/ RM36.90)

The night cream repairs your skin and rejuvenates it so that you wake up with fairer and rosier skin in the morning!

With all this awesomesauce products, what better way than to complement it further, with MORE products from the White Perfect range?

L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Spot Corrector Day & Night (2 x 5ml)

I complemented my White Perfect range with an additional product, which is the Spot Corrector to be used in the day, and also at night. The Day Corrector is a concealing treatment that is formulated with Colour Equaliser Spheres for an instant coverage effect. It also works together with Melanin Vanish for a durable action against dark spots.

At night, I used the Night Spot Corrector Essence, which is highly concentrated in Melanin Vanish, which helps to depigment darkened cells at the source.

I just wanted to take a picture of how the product looks like after unscrewing it :) It's so cute :D

So after the day cream, I will definitely need something with extra SPF to block out the sun and maintain my Rosy Fairness. So I used the L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Pearl Duo-Tone Whitening Powder Foundation with SPF19/ PA+++

L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Pearl Duo-Tone Whitening Powder Foundation with SPF19/ PA+++ (7.5g)

This is a lasting whitening powder foundation which hides spots and evens out skin tone on top of lightening the skin with a rosy touch.

The colour I got was Nude Vanilla (02), and I would say that while it looks light, it doesn't make my skin look like a ghost. My skin is visibly fairer, and more radiant :D

So, too many products that you're not entirely sure which product to use in order? well, fret not as I have come up with a *very* simple diagram to help and guide you!

So just follow these simple step by step guide, and you will be on your way to achieving Rosy Fairness in no time!

Do you think after using all these products that I will be able to achieve the ultimate Rosy Fairness? I believe I can :)


Because I'm worth it

Til the next time, stay beautiful!


P/S: Stay tuned for my post about what went down at the Ms. Rosy Tea Party! :)

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