Thursday, September 12, 2013

Get the Right Fit with Neubodi Today!

Hola ladies, let me start off this post by asking you a question. How many of you guys ever felt self conscious going out cos you felt your breasts were too small, or were not evenly placed, sagging, etc? Chances are, you're feeling this way because you're wearing the wrong type of bra!

But thanks to Neubodi and their trained staff (who are highly professional, each staff had to undergo a two month training course before they were assigned to be the retail executive at their shops), I got the chance to find my right fit, and I have been wearing it ever since!

As the saying goes, "A Good Bra is like a Good Friend…Hard to find, supportive, and is always close to your heart!" A right bra should be comfortable, supportive and gives the best silhouette under a woman’s clothes. Having said that, recent statistics have shown that 8 out of 10 women are still wearing the wrong sized bra. From a health standpoint, this causes severe back problems, shoulder aches, muscle tension, and even headaches.

According to Ms. Estee Ong, our Bra Fitting Specialist that day and Neubodi's General Manager, “Women must first understand that on average your breasts weighs 250 grammes each. Your breasts have no muscles in them; what holds them together are the connective tissues and cooper ligaments in your body. These ligaments however, will start to loose it’s elasticity as you age. This is why you need your best friends --- without the support from a right-fitted bra, these cooper ligaments will be subjected to a gravity free fall, and that’s when your breasts will start to sag.”

When I entered Neubodi's shop, I was overwhelmed with the selection of different type of bras available. There are many ranges, all waiting for a particular lady to walk in the shop and try them out. There are many bra ranges available in the market, and not many women are able to find the right (breast) friend, namely having the right style, cup and size altogether. Having such knowledge in mind, Neubodi recently launched an online Fit campaign --- Neubodi Right Fit Challenge which comprises of a simple series of educational questions about how well your current bra fits.

I was assisted by Leanne, the retail executive at Neubodi's One Utama branch. She was very helpful in assisting me to understand how a right bra should be like. A right bra should be comfortable, supportive and gives the best silhouette under a woman’s clothes. But the sad crux of the matter is, 8 out of 10 women are still wearing the wrong sized bra. Most women are also left unaware of the changes in breast sizes overtime due to hormonal changes, pregnancy, weight loss or gain. The classic bra faux pas usually involves riding underbands, slipping bra straps, wrinkled cups, and also quadraboob and side boob problems caused by unsightly bumbs and ridges.

The worse part is, your boobs not only look unsightly, you will also suffer from all sorts of medical problems --- back problems, shoulder aches, muscle tensions, headaches, sagging breasts and bad posture. This is why it is advisable to go to a professional bra specialist every 6 months. Minor adjustments often have to be made to the bras to ensure that they still fit just right.

The main challenge for women then, is to breakthrough the barrier of overwhelming selections of bra types, and to be able to find a bra that fits with the right style, cup and size altogether. Having such knowledge in mind, Neubodi undertakes extensive research and design efforts to implement a three-dimensional (3D) way of sculpting, cutting and hand-tailoring every piece, from cups sizes 65A to 100 I cup. From concepts to designs, each bra goes through at least 48 stages of assembly that takes about 8 months to create. In the end, only best fitting designs will make the cut into the collections.

On top of statistical measurements, Neubodi's retail executives practices a holistic fitting method, which is an impeccable fitting technique that takes into account the entire woman and her bra, not viewing them separately. It is an in-depth fitting that uses the ears, eyes and touch technique to get the precise fit for all women. Here, Leanne is measuring me, and off she ran to get the right bra fit for me. It took her only two tries to get the right bra that fits me, when usually I will need to try on a few before I'm satisfied. Wondering what type of bra she got for me?

I got the Fiona everyday bra, which is a size 36E! According to Leanne, the typical Malaysian woman has breasts that are averagely a D cup. Surprised? Don't be. A lot of us don't really know the right fit for our breasts, so I wouldn't be surprised that we don't know the right bra size for ourselves either. The most common problem nowadays is that women are underestimating what their letter is, and hence overestimating their numbers. Neubodi aims to correct such misconceptions through education, be it in store or through their Right Fit Challenge. After all, bras are like friends; the good ones never leave you hanging.

Leanne taught me how to fit the bra to my breasts and to adjust the fatty tissues around my chest area to fit into the bra comfortably. Most of us have those layers of fats by the side which is actually caused by the fatty tissues running amok and then settling down around our chest areas.

This is a picture of how my chest looks like with the usual bra that I'm wearing. There's not much cleavage, and my chest looks flattened, mostly because my breasts are not well supported by my bra. Neubodi also emphasizes on a professional fitting experience upon every lingerie purchase --- undertaking a 3D analysis on a woman’s body contour, and using this to fit onto the different cuttings and bra styles available.

 This is a picture of me using the Neubodi bra :) You can clearly see the difference in the size, and my chest now has a more 3D effect. Underneath the shirt, my fatty tissues are better aligned into my cups, and according to Leanne, I will be able to see the visible difference in three weeks (even without my bra on), on the condition that I use the bra religiously for the next three weeks. The bra feels very comfortable on me when I tried, and I like that they have support everywhere. I have started using it for four days already, and while the first few days were uncomfortable as I wore them for long hours, I'm slowly breaking into them, and I think at the end of the three weeks I will not feel them at all.

So have you found the RIGHT bosom friend? Please remember to take note of the three C's when you are deciding on the right bra for you. Contour, Construct, and Collect.

If you're too busy to go to the lingerie shop or if you're too shy to ask the retail executive if you're wearing the right type of bra, you can always try the app the Neubodi has created *link here* The link leads you to the Neubodi Right Fit Challenge, where you will be asked a series of questions that will determine if you're having the right fit.

Although the game does not tell women on their exact bra size, it focuses on being educational in a very personal environment, allowing women to look and examine themselves comfortably along the way.

Aside from that, the game also focuses on being fun and interactive by giving fit tips and answers at the end of each question. It poses as a bra fitting specialist in a virtual space, helping women to figure out how should their bosom buddies feel and fit on their body.

I actually played this game a second time when I was at home, and I have a confession to make. I cheated :( The first time around when I played it, they told me that I do not have the perfect fit. Then I made my way to Neubodi and found out why they fit was not as right as I thought it was. So when I went home after the Right Fit challenge, I replayed the game, and yes! I am now wearing the RIGHT FIT bra for my little babies! :)

The best part about the game, Neubodi now couples this challenge with a RM20 voucher giftaway. To enter, one just needs to log on to and click on the Right Fit Challenge tab to submit an entry form before playing the game. A RM20 gift voucher will be retrieveable at the end of each game and is valid for redemption in all Neubodi specialty stores. Aside from that, participants are also entitled for an exclusive bra makeover with a Neubodi in-store bra fit expert. This is a session which effectively incorporate the bra fitting knowledge gained online, with an actual in-store holistic bra fitting experience. You just might walk away with a brand new bra that has specially been fitted for you!

A pic with all the awesome peeps that came to get the Right Fit for them :) Oh and just a tiny tidbit of information, Neubodi was awarded with the Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand award in May 2011 -- marking a testament in being a distinguished brassiere label for everyday support and comfort. Therefore, this shows that Neubodi bras aren't just for show, they're for real!

You can tell we're really into getting a bra makeover, in order to avoid booby traps! :p

The must-have pic with my Bust Professional, Ms. Leanne Lee :) She was an awesome help in helping me understand how my breasts should fit in the right bra, and how to adjust the fatty tissues accordingly to get the fit that I deserve. I will have a follow up post in one month's time about my experience with the Neubodi bra, so stay tuned to this space to catch it!

To find out more information regarding Neubodi’s new collections and events, kindly log onto Neubodi’s Facebook page, or check out Neubodi’s website at Neubodi will always have something special in store for their beloved customers!

Til the next time, stay beautiful!



HenRy Lee said...

wahhh besarnyerrr :P

Kelvin Tan said...

So is there one that is "right" for me? LOL.
And what are those bottled things?

Choulyin said...

those are lingerie soap :D

Choulyin said...

right fit mah :p

Merryn Tan said...

Woots! I wonder how big can I go!

J_Fish said...

All I see is lace lace and lace. I can't wear lace bras coz most of the time they're obvious under my tops. =( I've been looking for professional bra fitting here for a very long time but Malaysia seems to be very slow with this. Finally!!

What is the average price there?

Choulyin said...

average price is about RM100-RM290. It might be a little more pricey than Triumph or Wacoal, but I think if it's good for your boobs, then I wouldn't mind paying more if it works :)

Choulyin said...

hahaha now you will definitely be big la :p hehehe I think even bigger than mine >.<

Ileana said...

It looks great! I always have such a trouble finding a good bra!



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