Thursday, October 17, 2013

Hed Kandi Summer Heat Pool Party Madness

Summer's come and gone ladies, but the awesome memories from all those pool parties remain! I had the pleasure of being one of Pink N Proper's invited guests for one of the more prestigious pool parties held this year, the awesome Hed Kandi Summer Heat Pool Party at Aloft KL Sentral :)

It was a party unlike any other, set in KL amidst a landscape of towering buildings, and beautiful lights. The party actually officially started at about 8pm, but I went there early to take advantage of the sunset. Doesn't the skyline look positively lovely?

Upon arrival at the lobby of Aloft, we were greeted with a registration booth infused with Hed Kandi goodness. The staff at registration were very helpful and courteous, assigning me my drink for the night and clasping on my entrance wristlet for the party :) While it was all super awesome, my only gripe was that for 6 hours of partying, we were only entitled to one drink :(

Awesome coconut jelly 'shots' for us to taste before heading up to the rooftop :)

Guests can also walk in to the pool party for a cover charge of RM65, which entitles you to a free drink (again, just one) and a whole night of pool party awesomeness!

So, what's a pool party without swimsuits, and sexy bikinis yes? For those who forgot to bring their bikini but still want to be part of the pool party, Pink N Proper had actually set up a booth for them! I myself got my bikini from them too, and I must say, it's of VERY good quality and super fine!!!! Want to see which one I got?

I got myself a hot pink bikini! doesn't look like much here, but when I put it on, it looks super awesome! For a bikini of this quality, the price is surprisingly quite affordable. If other places sell good quality bikinis for about RM100++, Pink N Proper bikinis range only from RM58 - 98! All below RM100, so you get quality for an awesome price!

Small peek of me in my awesomesauce pink bikini :) 

It was a very chillax party, with the usual Hed Kandi music blasting out at one corner of the pool, and some staff walking around issuing not so challenging challenges to attendees. Whoever managed to complete the challenge were rewarded with a bikini sponsored by Pink N Proper! Our very own bloggers Chency and Sasha managed to do so, and they each got another bikini!

Check out their happy faces :) Chency (left) and Sasha (right)

Don't know who Hed Kandi is? According to Wikipedia, Hed Kandi is a UK-based record label and a music brand established in 1999 by Mark Doyle and specialising in Nu-Disco, a romantic variety of disco-box house music. Hed Kandi's catalogue includes both artist albums and various genres of club compilations. As well as producing music albums and compilations, Hed Kandi hosts events all over the world. 

Check out their summer mix below!


 This here is Vivien, the person who made all this possible!

Quick snapshot of all the bloggers who attended the pool party, notice all the beautiful bikinis we were wearing? They were all sponsored by Pink N Proper! :)

As you can see, us as bloggers are all super vain, we took lots and LOTS of pictures that night! All of us showing off either our bikinis, or our smiles :)

After taking a bunch of selfies, we all 'adjourned' to the water and had quite a lot of fun playing in the pool :) We were throwing around beach balls and trying to get on the inflatable floats :p

 Another selfie!!!! :D  This was taken after we went in the water, so I wrapped myself up in the shawl my colleague gave me while waiting for the bikini to dry :)

Wendy, Edazz, Vivien

Another group shot!
Back (from left): Choy Peng, Moi, Frankie
Front (from left): Chency, Sasha

Thanks Pink N Proper, Aloft KL Sentral, and Hed Kandi for the awesome invites for the pool party!! I had a great time swimming and having fun with my fellow bloggers!

Til the next time, stay beautiful!



Ileana said...

These swimsuits are so cute!!! :D



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nose bleed! XD

Radha Krishnakumar said...

wow cool pictures :)

Choulyin said...

thanks Ileana! :)

Choulyin said...

hahaha pool party supposed to be sexy yes? :p

Choulyin said...

lai I give you tissue :p

Choulyin said...

thanks Radha!

Blair said...

Jelly shots? Yummy! And what a bummer, they should have been more generous with drinks...

All you ladies are looking good! If only I have a bikini ready body ahaha

hildamilda said...

Fuiyohhhhh! Pink n proper really has a variety of really nice bikinis, shall go bikini shopping soon c:

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