Thursday, November 20, 2014

Review: Sleek i-Divine Vintage Romance Palette

I'm back with another Sleek product review, and today I'm going to review one of the more famous must-haves in the Eyeshadow Palette collection, the Sleek i-Divine Vintage Romance Palette.

I got this palette a few months ago on Luxola, when they had their sale. The price at that time was RM53 with a 35% discount, so of course I had to grab it :D I bought it together with another Limited Edition Sleek Palette, the Celestial Palette, but I will review that another day.

Ingredient List

This palette contains 12 colours, one of which is matte (Propose in Prague), three shimmer (Love in London, Forever in Florence, Honeymoon in Hollywood), and the rest are pearlescent shades.

All 12 colours. Aren't they lovely?

The colours on the right up close

The colours on the left up close

I like their play on the names of the colours, but I can't help but feel that they have recycled some of the colours like Love in London, Honeymoon in Hollywood, and Lust in LA, which can be found in other Sleek palettes. However, keeping with this tone, I think they have made a pretty good job. Oh and I do not think that this is a Limited Edition palette cos there was no Limited Edition written on the packaging, unlike the Celestial Palette.

swatches without flash

Top row:
  1. Pretty in Paris: This is the highlighter shade of the palette, a silverish frosted colour that you can use to highlight ur browbone, or the inner corners of your eyes. Very pigmented 
  2. Meet in Madrid: A gold pearlescent colour that is perfect when swept across the entire eyelid. It's pearlescent muted gold shade captures the light, and when paired with Court in Cannes and Lust in LA, it really brings out your eyes
  3. Court in Cannes: This is a slightly frosted brown shade, that looks darker in the pan than after you applied it on your lids. However, it's buildable so you would need to apply more times to get a darker colour
  4.  Lust in LA: This is a bronzey darker colour to line your eyes with and the lower lashline as well. Its pearlescent colour will be able to make your eyes shine, and it's very pigmented and smooth
  5. Romance in Rome: This is one of the darker shades in this palette that's a mix between purple and blue. However when applied, it comes off a little lighter than expected but looks really pretty. Alternatively, if not used for a dark shade base, it can also be used as an overall shade for a day look 
  6. Propose in Prague: This is one of the neutral shades in the palette which also happens to be matte. Personally for me, I feel that this is the most unexciting colour in the palette, but the others make up for it :)

swatches with flash

Bottom row:
  1. A Vow in Venice: Having a purple base, this is a sort of plum colour. Though it had a little of a pearlescent colour in it, it looks more matte when applied on the lids 
  2. Marry in Monte Carlo: This is a brighter purple shade than the others and is quite pigmented. The texture is smooth, and it had a good colour payoff
  3. Honeymoon in Hollywood: This colour is more pigmented than the other purples in this palette. It has some sparkles in it, and I love using this colour on my lower lashline
  4. Bliss in Barcelona: This is a Royal Purple shade that reminds me of a lush lounge that Queen Elizabeth would have sat in :D I love this colour
  5. Forever in Florence: This is a dark burgundy colour that borders on maroon. The pigmentation was not as great overall, but it's buildable. Though it looks metallic on the pan, it gives a more matte finish when applied
  6. Love in London: The darkest colour in the palette, it would be totally logical to use this as your liner after you have applied your shadows. I love that it has sparkles as well. Colour payoff was good, but pigmentation is not as great as I'd hoped.
I love how this is a themed palette, and the colours are all vintage looking colours that contribute to sepia and cool tones. There are no bright colours like the Sunset or i-Candy palette, and this is what endeared me to it. Though there are quite a number of purples, it actually makes it my go-to palette when I'm doing up smokey eyes for a glam night out.

So what looks can you create with this palette? Overall, I went for a purple look, as my base I used Meet in Madrid, and in my outer crease I used Propose in Prague to give it an overall light purple sheen. I then blended in A Vow in Venice for my outer corners, and added a bit of Honeymoon in Hollywood towards the ends to make it more intense. Afterward, I fanned it out with Forever in Florence towards the crease and dusted Marry in Monte Carlo on the outer corners for the metallic sheen. I lined my eyes with Love in London, and highlighted my browbone with Pretty in Paris, blended in together with Propose in Prague.

For my lower lids, I lined the inner corners with Meet in Madrid, and the outer corners with Marry in Monte Carlo, which I blended in at the ends to create a continuous line.

Verdict: 8/10. I like that most of the shades in this palette are pigmented, which is what I love about Sleek palettes in the first place.

Repurchase: Definitely yes.

Last Comments: If you like neutral cool colours and are thinking of experimenting a little outside your comfort zone without using bright colours, this is the palette for you.

So do you like the colours? Let me know!

Price: RM53.00 on Luxola  (USD11.99 on the Sleek website)

Size: 12 x 1.1g

Availability: This palette is available on Luxola and also the Sleek website.

Til the next time, stay beautiful!



LauraLeia said...

This palette has been in my wishlist for ages! :D Definitely gonna buy it in my next Luxola haul, just hope it isn't sold out by then.

Choulyin said...

babe you managed to get it at the Cyber Monday sale?