Saturday, January 30, 2016

KIP Hotel's Chinese New Year Menu

A few weeks ago I was invited to try out KIP Hotel's latest Chinese New Year menu in conjunction with the Chinese New Year this February. KIP Hotel is the latest business class hotel situated in the commercial district of Sri Utara, along Jalan Kuching and has been in operations since October 2015.

To usher in the year of the Fire Monkey, their inaugural Chinese New Year menu are specially prepared by Executive Chef Simon Lee and his team of talented chefs.

KIP Hotel's 2016 Chinese New Year set menu will feature two exquisite nine-course dinner menus. Set Menu A is priced at RM988nett and Set Menu B is priced at RM1,188 nett for a table of ten persons. As an additional promotion, KIP Hotel will be offering a complimentary eleventh table upon purchase of ten tables.

Salmon with Sliced Abalone Yee Sang

This was one of the best yee sang I have tried todate. The sliced abalone was really tasty and the combination of flavours were really well balanced.

That day, we were privileged to try out the Set Menu B, which I will showcase below:

Hot and Cold Combination Platter 

I think the idea behind this platter is really good as there are a combination of crackers and also gummy candy which I'm sure will attract children like bees to honey. The combination platter is a sort of staple to any chinese dish, even during wedding dinners.

Sharks Fin with dried scallop soup 

No one is a stranger to sharks fin, and this dish in particular is fragrant, tasty, and full of texture.

Deep Fried Boneless Chicken with Mandarin Orange Sauce 

Most people I know will have deep fried chicken, basted in lemon sauce. So having mandarin orange sauce instead is a refreshing difference. I also loved that they had little mandarin orange slices on the dish. Peeling those mandarin slices must have taken up A LOT of time.

Steamed Silver Cod Fillet Hong Kong Style 

Anyone who has had Japanese with me will know that I love cod fish, and this was by far one of the best fish that I have tasted. The sliced cod is a really large piece, and the freshness could be tasted with every bite. What I loved about the dish was the sauce which was not too salty that it became overbearing, and that complemented the fish perfectly.

Kam Heong Ming Prawn 

I think this was one of my favourite dishes in the set. I love prawns, and the ones I had this time around were really good. They were very fresh, and the Kam Heong sauce was really tasty. I also appreciated that they had the candy and little mandarin orange slices by the side, enough to tempt any kid sitting at the dinner table!

Hoong Siew Chinese Cabbage with Dried Oysters, Sea Cucumber, Mushroom and Fatt Choy 

Another staple of chinese dinners is this dish. Fatt Choy is also known as black moss or hair weed actually means 'gaining wealth' in Chinese language. This dish is usually prepared with broccoli, and having it with sea cucumber is also a refreshing difference. I love this dish because of the succulent mushrooms, but not many would like it due to its bland taste compared to the previous dishes that were more savoury. 

Fried Rice with Scallops and Pine Nuts 

The final dish before dessert was served was the fried rice. Usually after chinese dinners, restaurants would serve either fried rice, fried noodles, or steamed rice dumplings for those who are still feeling hungry after dinner. This particular dish was cooked with pine nuts, and that added some texture to the dish, which was a welcome change apart from just having normal fried rice.

Sesame Lotus Balls 

The first of the desserts that was served that night, but unfortunately I didn't manage to try it. However, le bb said it was really good. So good, that he had two!

Snow Fungus and Red Dates in Syrup

I liked this dessert as it was a welcome change after all the hot dishes that we have had, after all, dessert is supposed to cool you down right? I initially thought this would be a hot dish as most of the dishes that I have tried with red dates in it were hot dishes (haha stereotypical me), but this was served cold, which made me like it even more! It wasn't overly sweet like most desserts, but it had a well balanced taste with the snow fungus and red dates.

So there you have it, the dishes from the Set Menu B that we tried that day. Below is the listing for both Set Menus.

The KIP Hotel Chinese New Year Set promotion runs from now all the way to 7 February, so if you have not yet decided on where to have your reunion dinner, KIP Hotel is a place that you can consider!

Til the next time, stay beautiful!