Wednesday, August 02, 2006

KK bound

My hubby left for KK oredi.. I feel…bereft, empty, hollow.. He’ll be gone for three whole months!!! =( he’s not gonna be here for my first day at Swinburne…It’s so annoying!!!! I hate citibank!!!

I sent him to the airport this afternoon…met him at his house at 2pm, and left at 230 after he finished packing…when we arrived at the airport, we parked the car and walked hand in hand to the departure hall…he checked in, and we just hung out until the time came for him to go to his gate…hehe…but even then, when he went in, we continued to talk on the phone, until he had to board the plane… =(

I miss him so much!!!! But I shall be optimistic. I will not be saddened just because I can’t see him. I shall look to the future until three months later, when I can see him again! I know that at times I will be very sad and melancholic because I can’t see him, but I know that if I persevere, the day will come when I can see him again!!!

Please give me the strength to overcome this obstacle and hopefully when he comes back, our relationship will be stronger.

This was taken at my house a few weeks ago...

And this was taken at Ivor's farewell cum birthday party.

I love this pic..taken before he went to Sibu last month..there's dino in his bag..which I confiscated..hehe..=D


noisy nun keeps mum said...

3 months o_O
Try one year. x_x
Communication+trust+loyalty,babe.. ;p
wunt b a prob for you lah!

choulyin.tan said...

thanks's nice to know someone has so much faith in you =)