Monday, June 11, 2012

Fatty Crabs @ Taman Seputeh, KL

Crabby Post Ahead!!!!!!

For those who know me, I love crabs :D so needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity to head over to at Taman Seputeh for a round of very very VERY satisfying crab dishes :D Mind you, this FattyCrabs is TOTALLY DIFFERENT from the Restoran Fatty Crab in Taman Megah. Have yet to try the one in ss24, but when I do, will leave a separate blog post for that :P

Golden Ginger and Garlic Crab

One of my favourite dishes, cos it involves another favourite of mine, garlic! lol :p I didn't know Garlic and Crabs go so well together!!

Can you feel the saliva pooling in your mouth yet? :p

Waterfall Crab

Cooked in Claypot with lots of Coriander and Glass Noodles, this dish has a tangy taste to it, akin to a white tom yam taste. The soup is very refreshing, as it gave me a bigger appetite to consume more crabs after I drink it :p

Mickey Mouse Crab

One of the dishes that attracted me in the first place :p Why is it called Mickey Mouse? to entice kids to start to eat crabs, hence the cute name :D The gravy is made ala italiana, which was the inspiration. Buttery gravy, with a hint of cream :D

The last crab dish we had was this Sea Salt Baked Dong Kwai Crabs. This particular dish was really salty, yet the flesh inside has a slightly burnt taste as well, which suited my palate. Personally, I like this, but some might not due to the saltiness.

All crab dishes were immensely satisfying, and we all ate till the last shell was pried open :p Finger Licking Good! :)

Moving on, we didn't only have crab dishes, we had a host of other foods too!

 Steamed Patin Fish

Steamed typical Chinese style, the flesh was soft and just rightly cooked, not too hard, and the taste wasn't too salty either :D

Of course, apart from all meats, we have to have some vege as well right? Ying Yong Broccoli, a refreshing difference to the typical Ying Yong Kailan. I actually feel this combination tastes much better than the Kailan version, but some might beg to differ.

Artfully named is the Jealous Black Chicken, not due to its black colour, but more for the way it was prepared. This delicious dish is cooked with Bittergourd, hence how the name jealous came about, because jealousy really does leave a bitter taste in your mouth.

Elephant Prawns cooked in a light egg gravy, The flesh for these prawns are really sweet and succulent, and the sauce goes really well with the mantaos in the picture below:

we ordered a lot of bowl of mantaos because it was just too good :D

And of course, what dinner would be complete without some drinks to wash down the food with? One of their signature drinks is actually the Kedondong & Plum Juice which is super high in Vitamin C. Yes, it has even more Vitamin C than an Orange :p If you're unsure what it is in English, it's Umbra :p haha sounds like Umbrella doesn't it?

Refreshing Coconut Juice for those who loves this tropical fruit :D

I love this super cute decoration of a crab at the back of their store.

If all these images has you salivating for more, one piece of good news for you, they offer Home Delivery Service!!!

So if you're a crab lover and wants to have crab anytime of the day, save this toll free number in your phone, and you can enjoy crabs anytime you feel like it! Do not worry about the portion, of whether it is enough. Rest assured, they serve Indonesian crabs which easily weigh in at 550grams or more. So you are definitely getting your money's worth :D
62-2, Jalan Bukit Raja,
Taman Seputeh,
Kuala Lumpur.
(Next to 7-eleven and used to be a mamak shop)
Tel: 1-300-222-100
*Pork Free*

PS: All pictures taken from CleverMunkey :D


Lilian Hii (백합) said...

Haha! The crab decoration is so cute :P

Shopaholic said...

They look really REALLY good. How do they charge? Per kilo?

Franco Yong said...

J_fish...current market price for these xxxl crabs (650 - 700 gm each) is RM 75 per kg. They are wild captured meat crabs from Indonesia flown in fresh on a daily basis.

Henry Tan said...

wow! big fat crabb! =DDD
but rm75 per kg? kinda expensive! =S

Nikel Khor said...

My fav crab!