Monday, October 15, 2012

Sanook Bistro & Sports Bar @ Plaza Kelana Jaya

Nestled along the length of the LDP, Sanook Bistro & Sports Bar is found at Plaza Kelana Jaya, a little ways from Paradigm mall. It is the place if you're looking for a pleasant place beside a lake away from the bustle of traffic (you can't hear the traffic at all). A few weeks ago, I was invited to dine here to try their new menu, which was a fusion of western and asian. It was an eclectic mix of flavours, and I would recommend this place to everyone who wants to try something new and out of the ordinary :)

The place was pleasant enough, giving off a relaxed environment, with wide open spaces and fans along the corridor.

If you fancy a romantic dinner for two, Sanook offers a resplendent view of the lake, where you can see people fishing in the day time, or the serene beauty of lights on the water in the night.

This is the back door to the place, where I used cos it opens up to the parking bay :)

Espresso Chicken, RM25.00

My first dish here was the Espresso Chicken, which is tender chicken chop with espresso honey glaze roasted to perfection and served with pomelo salad, corn mojo, and citrus bean salsa, accompanied with tortilla chips. I really liked the chicken as it was juicy enough and not dry as some other F&B outlets that I've tried before. the chips were a nice touch too, as opposed to regular fries that could be found elsewhere.
 3S Crispy Salmon, RM38.00

Next we had the 3S Crispy Salmon, which is a fillet of salmon seared to perfection with a crispy skin, served on a bed of special 3 taste sauce, accompanied by lime tofu salsa. The sauce is a tangy sweet sour spicy taste, and goes well with the fish, making it a delight to consume. the salsa was good too, as it can be taken together with the sauce. The texture of the fish was soft, and doesn't break as much when I cut into it, so I could easily consume it without much hassle.

 Pussyfoot, RM11.00

My first drink of the night, with a rather interesting name :p This is called the Pussyfoot :p I liked the taste, as it had a base of orange, with a hint of cherry. After the hassle of going through the jam caused by the rain on the LDP, having this drink was a complete refresher for me. I would recommend this to those who needs a pick me up :) Needless to say, I finished it in no time :p

Rejuvenator, RM11.00

After which, I ordered this, the Rejuvenator :) Almost the same taste as the Pussyfoot, true to it's name, I felt rejuvenated after drinking this :D

 Masala Rib-Eye, RM42.00

After the salmon, we were served the Masala Rib-Eye, which were prime cuts of beef rib-eye coated with their chef's special mix of garam masala, grilled and accompanied with vegetable kebabs. This is something you don't see in the everyday western fusion restaurant, and I would say, the accompaniment looks delicious. the grilled vegetables were succulent, and the rib-eye was served just right, neither too hard, nor too soft. Just right for my palate :)

 Kim-Yang Lamb Cutlets, RM52.00

Next came my favourite dish, the Kim Yang Lamb Cutlets, Kim's fav lamb cutlets coated in Korean spices, charbroiled to perfection and accompanied with korean kimchi. Who knew that the pairing of lamb with Kimchi would make such an awesome dish?The lamb was tender and juicy, and the kimchi offered just the right amount of spiciness for me. Double thumbs up :D

So good, it deserves a close-up shot :p

 Sushi Nori Hailam, RM12.00

When this dish came, Janice pushed it to me, telling me that this is a must try. Aptly named the Sushi Nori Hailam, it is sushi seaweed rolls stuffed with hainanese chicken rice, with slices of broiled tender chicken and cool japanese cucumber, served with special ginger chili dip. This is the new way of having chicken rice. Easy and neat, with no messiness :p Genius.

 Big Tree Sang Har Mee, RM22.00

Living up to its name, the  big tree sang har mee boasts crispy noodles with wok fried giant freshwater prawn in rich prawn gravy, served with braised bok choy. A local twist on the favourite local dish, this dish is served with one of the best prawn gravy that I had ever tasted.

 Lasagna Beef Rendang Padang, RM26.00

Lasagna beef rendang padang is the homemade chef's special. It is delicious lasagna layers lavished with spicy and tender beef rendang, and served with garden greens in house dressing. When I first heard of it, I was wondering if it would make the cut. No one serves lasagna with beef rendang. But Sanook made it into a special dish, perfect for those who want western style dishes with a local flavour.

Spicy Thai Mango Tuna Pizza, RM33.00

After those heavy meals, we were served with one of their specialties, the wood fire pizzas. This spicy Thai mango tuna pizza is a 3-flavour pizza of chunky tuna, sliced mango, caramelized onions and cucumbers with mozzarella cheese. Don't underestimate this pizza as it really lives up to its name. It is SPICY. Mainly cos they put in cili padi :p But the sweetness of the mango also makes up for its spiciness, so if you can't stand spicy food, better don't order this. Having said that, spicy food lovers will love it. Like me :)

 Sesame Honey Lamb Pizza, RM35.00

The Sesame Honey lamb pizza comes with sliced lamb, fried garlic, and sesame seeds with special honey sauce and fresh mozzarella cheese. Perfect for lamb lovers. The lamb is juicy, and the cheese is in abundance. Two great ingredients all rolled into one dish :)

 Margaret's bread butter pudding, RM14.00

To close up our palate for the night, we were treated to Margaret's bread butter pudding, an old fashioned english family favourite of bread pudding with creamy egg custard. I didn't really fancy this dish as I'm not really a big fan of bread pudding, but I liked the other dessert better.

Marie's Crepe Suzette, RM17.00

This dish was much better suited for my taste. Marie's crepe suzette, is pan-fried drench crepes flavoured with creamy fresh orange and citrus zest. According to the Godfather, CF Yow, this was his wife's recipe (if I'm not mistaken), and what a recipe it is :D the crepes were not too thick, and they go very well with the orange cream.

Oh and towards the end of the evening, we found out one of our friends had a birthday, and the Godfather gave her a present! In the form of a flaming Lamborghini. If you don't know what that is, check it out below :p

So if you're feeling adventurous and looking  for a place which serves food that's out of the norm, I would recommend this place as the many dishes offered are really not what other places would serve. And if after dinner you are the type to have a beer and chill, then they offer a first floor which is a sports bar. You can chill with a beer and watch sports or play pool, whichever tickles your fancy. For us, we just sat and chatted by the lakeside, which was a plus point for me, as I enjoyed the tranquility.

le sports bar upstairs

Sanook Bistro and Sports Bar Kelana Jaya
Block C-06-G / 1 / 2
Plaza Kelana Jaya, SS7 / 13A,
47301 Kelana Jaya,
Petaling Jaya.
Tel: +603-7877 3636

Opens on Monday to Saturday (Saturdays dinner and drinks only)
For Reservation, please call 03-7877 3636 or [email protected]
GPS Coordinates: 3° 5’ 40.66” N 101° 35’ 52.61” E


cindy said...

So many lamb goodies here... I luv it.. Nvr try lamb pizza before ler.. But i no like kimchi so I'll eat the lamb by itself....

EPIK said...

this post really delicious makes me wanna eat it!!!

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Charmaine Pua said...

Pussyfoot!! Hahaha :p
BTW love the view of the lake! So romantic <3

Henry Lee said...

Now im even more hungry. Faster go eat :(

Merryn said...

I had to stop and stare at the lasagna for a while there and imagine I'm eating it. I super love lasagna weh...

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Flaming lamborghini~~